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  1. I never got round to resetting the ecu but H&S catback exhaust brought the blips out in manual + sport
  2. Sorry for slow reply, I’ve been erm driving quite a lot....every excuse I get in fact. “...need some milk dear? No problem!!” I don’t need to look for excuses to get on the a roads or motorway for the induction noise now, it’s sounding like a big muscly v8 all the time, any time the accelerator gets a squiff of pressure. It makes an awesome sound even in snow mode, trundling round a London 20mph limited side street. (I’m not sure pressure is measured in squiffs ) Sorted the blipping as well. Now it’s blipping at 2500. ive got the silver tips if I ever need to fit th
  3. Ian from H&S said take the fake tips off, but the garage owner and his fitter said it might be better to leave the fake tips in because the housing they are in is also a heat shield, and the bumper is plastic. I was in two minds about what to do with conflicting advice and I don’t mind the fakes. I’ve already changed my mind once, or was it twice....
  4. Well mine arrived today, and the garage are in the process of fitting it. They’ve advised me to leave the fake pipes attached and on the bumper and not fit the H&S tips, so they’ll trim a bit off the twin exhaust exits so they fit directly behind the fake tips and heat shield. Will still look stock, but not sound it hehe Has anyone else fitted their H&S like this? (except the black ISF in the Southdown area of harpenden - reg V8 XXX)
  5. I’ve rung H&S and changed my order to non X pipe. ian said it might arrive next week.
  6. Mean and moody. Very nice. That sounds like the non x pipe - cat back version?
  7. Oh and I always warm it properly before trying any of this 🙂
  8. Thanks 2k seems more like I was expecting. Downshifting any gearbox at 3900 rpm (won’t do it before 4K in any gear) without a revmatch would seem to me like it would be putting unnecessary strain on the gearbox. I will try the fuses thanks.
  9. Sorry I forgot to ask if 4K rpm is the normal threshold for blipping on ISFs (and RCFS GSFs)
  10. On ISFs is there a threshold at which it should blip or should it do it at any revs. After exhaustive “will it won’t it” testing I’ve determined mine will only blip at or above 4K rpm - in F Mode. (Sport mode and Manual Mode) Is it configurable or fixable to bring it down to say, 2k? I just want more of it.
  11. I think the new 3 series looks much better than the saloon did. Is it fwd or awd?
  12. Don’t know the car but I have an isf and I love it. Plus....doing this soon...
  13. After a run recently, even before fitting the H&S once it’s back in stock, I’ve decided I’m intending to keep my ISF at least 2 years, probably 3, maybe longer if it doesn’t go wrong much. (If that starts to happen I tend to lose trust in a car and flog it) My wife wants more space so i might be tempted to get a gsf but there just aren’t any. How long have people owned their ISFs, GSFs, RCFs?
  14. Well I’ve pulled the trigger on a cat back with the X pipe. HnS web site said it was in stock but I’ve got to wait till the end of jan maybe feb, as they’ve had a few orders recently. Spend a lot of time driving the F today in sport + manual and much fun was had.
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