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  1. You can swap the plugs over I done mine very recently as I have swapped interior from 99 to an 05 and the plugs in the seatbelts arent compatible and also sit in different positions just open them up and swap the plugs over.
  2. No the body was a bit beat up and couldn’t justify spending loads to sort it. Brother is putting rb25 in an is200 so I thought may as well put the 1uz in an is200. I’ve seen it’s been done by many people now so thought why not.
  3. Few bits off my ls400 95 plate ucf20 Front headlights £50 pair or £30 each no cracks/damage Front sidelights £20 pair one bracket is damaged Rear lights £60 pair or £35 each No cracks/damage Bc coilovers brought brand new still in good condition £400 Jdm parking pole £100 Jdm wing lights £20 all parts are collection only unless you arrange your own courier. I’m based off junction 11 m25 Surrey area. Jay 07890 265516 I can WhatsApp pics to anyone.
  4. Hi have bought a is200 recently 2 infact as the first one didn’t have everything I wanted. Been swapping everything over so one will be for sale soon. Also just got rid of my old ls400 which I loved was best motor I’ve driven sofa on wheels. Engine will be going in my is200 just been gathering parts waiting on loom now so hopefully be up and running soon.
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      Thanks will do.  I have 2 is200s and just got rid of my ls400 can i post parts for sale yet.  Have some bits left from my ls400 I need to move on.