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  1. Good evening all, Just replaced 4 Dunlop SportsMaxx RT2 tyres with Goodyear Eagle Asymmetric 5s. Too early to report back on the new tyre performance yet but I have a quick question! I have completed a calibration on the sat-nav (standard version) but should I be completing any other initialiation/calibration elsewhere in the menu options? The TPMS is all sorted and reset so there are no worries there but I do vagely remember someone on here mentioning some other setting (hidden in some menu) to adjust/reset after fitting new tyres. Unfortunately there is very limited info in the owners manuel. 😔 Many thanks!
  2. Thanks for all the recommendations everyone! Much appreciated! Love the wheels on the premium model but I think they are made of butter!! Very easy to damage!! 😃
  3. Good evening all, I'm looking for tyre recommendations for 18" 225/40R18 (Front) and 255/35/R18 (Rear) on the Year 2016 IS 300h Premium model. Ideally would like to have the protective rim on the tyres to protect the alloys. Would anyone have any tyre recommendations based on past experience and lastly any users in Ireland recommend a supplier/fitter in Cork/Limerick/Galway area? Any advice appreciated!! 😀
  4. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!