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  1. I replaced the standard HID bulb on my IS250 with new Osram Xenarc bulbs, which provided a considerable improvement. They were D4S, so different from yours, I suspect. But I can recommend the supplier, Autobulbsdirect, and they have a bulb checker that will specify the correct bulb upgrade for you. Hope this helps. Just found this out of curiosity- LED bulbs, for your Lexus, but I know nothing about them or the Company involved!,
  2. Yes, I think that must have been it. Note to self: must pay attention!
  3. I’ve no idea John. Which probably explains why I did it again, months later! I can only think that being a stranger to the hybrid I thought it had stalled and, being at the head of a queue at traffic lights, did the wrong thing. Whatever that was! But whatever it was, I haven’t done it again.
  4. I would probably even appreciate some spam, battered of course, with some chips. But I guess the profit margins on car sales are not what they used to be. Still, keeping waiting customers entertained used to be a common problem for all dealers. At least Covid-19 has solved that one!
  5. Clearly we have different priorities. I have a feeling that when I got such a survey it was more like: what else can Lexus offer to improve your experience? Because it gave me the opportunity to reply: Lunch.
  6. Thanks for that info, Colin. Hybrids are foreign territory to me, I must admit. Lexus tend to loan me one when mine’s in for service and, to my shame, I have managed to stall them on a couple of occasions! However, I think the other points are still valid - and two out of three ain’t bad! But mainly I’m suggesting that in a low mileage situation and especially in winter, an easy-to-use trickle charger is a sound investment. At least, that’s been my experience.
  7. Not really the ideal solution, for several reasons. For example, it's not very environmentally friendly. If the car's on the public highway, and unattended, it would be illegal. And some say one hour barely compensates for the current used to start the vehicle. A better solution is to buy a trickle charger. I bought a CTEK and fitted sets of accessory plug-in connector leads to the battery posts of both our cars. Now all I have to do is plug the CTEK connector to the installed leads, turn on the CTEK and leave it overnight to do its thing.
  8. The Manual states that this warning relates, as you suggest, to the Blind Spot Monitoring system. As far as I can see, the only recommendation is to refer the car to a Dealer! The sensors, I believe, are located in the wing mirrors and along the rear of the car. As it’s still under warranty I would be inclined to do that ASAP.
  9. Perhaps the strain of arriving at a decision finally took its toll?
  10. I would have bought it too - except Honda had stopped selling any Accord in the UK! Which is why I went looking at Lexus. You certainly were unfortunate with your Honda. It sounds like what we call a ‘Friday Night’ car - although that was more a British thing than Japanese. On the other hand, you obviously survived what seems to be a heavy impact on what I presume is the driver’s door. My wife and I both walked away from the Accord, with not even a scratch between us, when it was written off on the motorway. So no complaints about build quality! As I said earlier, I had two Honda
  11. Petrol Feb 2015 Serviced by Lexus MK, from where it was purchased.
  12. Delving further into the website, I see there is a page updated 05.01.21 headed: We’re Open. But it only applies to the Workshop. No gawping in the showroom or, unlike John Hutton’s experience, investigating the forecourt. Online contact only and, as you say, no test drives. I suspect this may be down to Milton Keynes promotion to Top Tier COVID lockdown. I wonder if there’s any upside to this? For example, it can’t be exactly encouraging sales, so maybe now’s a good time to get a better deal. As others have said, you can reject the car after a trial period anyway and Roy pointe
  13. You say you’re a key worker so would it not be the case that a car is essential transport to you and a safer and more flexible option than having to use public transport? As for trying it, I would have thought that MK would be happy to arrange an extended road test of any of a selection of ‘pre-owned’ vehicles that interested you. Say, a couple of days or so?
  14. I see you’re located in Bucks. Is it Lexus at Milton Keynes that you’re dealing with? They state on their website that they’re open for sales and servicing by appointment and are also offering online video meetings with sales reps. i can certainly recommend them - In fact they’ll be servicing mine next month.
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