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  1. Not yet as I need to take it to lexus as it's a transmission issue and I think only they have the system to see more information about the issue
  2. Hi, I ended up getting it but thanks for the offer. Where do you go to get your GS fixed up around here?
  3. This would be an issue..I'm going to try an independent garage to check out some other minor issues and see if they manage to catch a transmission issue.
  4. Yeah I'm planning to get it checked out soon but unfortunately don't have any independent lexus specialists near me. Why did you suggest a main dealer instead of an independent garage?
  5. It was in D. I also tried to put it into the S and shifted up but that did nothing. It did seem like it might be in gear 5 but I don't have any way of knowing that?
  6. I've got a new gs300 and was driving on a road but it wouldn't go past about 96mph (very legal on this road) and the revs were completely red lined. What could the issue be or is this normal?
  7. I'm looking for a car and found one for private sale but upon starting it shows 'Check VSC, low washer fluid'. I'm not sure if these two messages are related or two separate messages. There's also a bit of rust on the corner of the rear passenger side panel that's in between the door and tail light. Is there any advice on purchasing this car? I've asked about lowering the price so any advice on potential issues and costs is appreciated!
  8. Thanks. I'm definitely not looking into that specific car anymore. Wow that's a shame. I hope you St least got some good mileage out of the car before that happened.
  9. Thanks! Funny how it's illegal but they have lots of positive reviews on auto trader. It's actually through your replies on old posts that I found out carbon build up isn't much of an issue so thanks for that too.
  10. I'm considering buying a 2005 gs300 but the dealer told me the engine light comes on and he's sure that it's the exhaust sensor which is roughly £100 to fix and he's been too busy to sort it out. Is this a common issue. Should I be worried about what I've been told? Any advice is appreciated. Also, I've read that carbon buildup isn't an issue with these in the UK? This is the reason I avoided this car in the first place but I was getting advice from an American forum.