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  1. Interested in the group’s views. Should I take the 2020 NX Takumi that has only managed 3500 miles in these covid conditions since I bought it 11 months ago or Merc E Class Coupe 2014. It’s not winter, we don’t need NX space to load up, so I was thinking the Merc, but the NX hasn’t yet made a trip of more than 100 miles and the NX would be better for the driving height/viewing, the adaptive cruise to get there (200 miles e/w) and the more up to date safety/tech. The NX will also be due it’s first service after this trip. First world problems I know, but what would you do?
  2. Thought this would be of interest to forum members and RC300h owners in particular. I had my eye on buying one, but seems the model will now be discontinued. Link below.
  3. Thought this would be of interest to members.
  4. Steve

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