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  1. This is from the american forums:
  2. Morning - Does anybody have the P/N for this? I've looked on eBay and there doesnt seem to be a single one. For clarification; this is the leather handle that slots into the passenger door card. Seems the handle comes in two bits; a grey silver that is attached to the door card, and a leather trim piece. I require the trim piece 🙂
  3. My 2012 CT has this antenna to the right of the mirror; however the DAB button does nothing. Do i require some manner of module?
  4. +1 for ECU Testing. We've used them in the past; good blokes 🙂
  5. Here you go 🙂
  6. DIY section looks like abit of tubing with some odd metalic tape; someone has stolen the CAT and the seller has done a very poor job here. You could easily have gone to an exhaust shop and had a simple straight pipe fabricated for next to nothing. Avoid this vehicle unless you get it for dirt cheap and are willing to accept there will be issues that need to be rectified.
  7. Anyone had a recent quote from lexus for a catlock fitted?
  8. I bought a 2012 model for the missus; fitted 16 inch wheels and its not so bad 🙂
  9. From my research, the ct200h doesnt have any common issues. There are problems reported on the prius forums with head issues; but this is due to vehicles not using the correct oil and service schedules and again this typically rears its head on higher mileage vehicles. (<100k) There is a joint on the steering system where the bolts need to be replaced with high-tensile bolts; but again this is a five minute job and very simple to do.
  10. Mind you, I'm unsure of the make; you will need to use a 10tonne press to get them out and push the new ones in.
  11. Where did you get the bushes out of curiosity?
  12. I bought my missus a 2012 premier model a few months back; which had done just over 102k when we picked it up. Full Lexus service history apart from the last one which was done by some independent; I ordered a complete service kit from lexuspartsdirect (plugs,oil,filters,coolant etc..) for a bit over £100 just to have complete piece of mind. Thing runs faultless; don’t discredit the older models. It’s the same engine throughout the model years 🙂
  13. Correct oil would be 0w20 - you can pick it up on special on
  14. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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