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  1. Have you got a link to this? I did a search but dont think i've found the one your referring to 🙂
  2. Cant see anything relating to the different sizes, I've just realised i've posted in the wrong section, is it possible to move into the IS300H forum? I can only see how to edit the post, not move it..
  3. Hi All I'm trying to figure out good placement for my dashcam, the adhesive backing on the mount is very strong so I'm just trying to verify what the black dots are behind the rear view mirror and whether its safe to stick the dashcam onto that? picture below (see yellow arrow) I'm worried that if I ever took the dashcam off the black dots will come away with the adhesive, if I avoid the black dots the dashcam ends up quite away from center of the screen.
  4. Hi All While checking my tyre depths i've just noticed my new (to me) 63 plate tyre sizes are different for fronts and rears, its 255/35/18 and 225/40/18, did it come like this from the factory? This is the first time i've had a car with diffrerent sizes so just wanted to check 🙂 Thanks
  5. That's interesting, my dashboard itself is showing 45-46mpg so guess real world will be even lower. I looked at the Lexus link app and it mentioned in description that most features only work in post 2019 models, mine is a 63 plate, has anyone tried the app on this year of car and is it worth it? The app description suggests very little functioning with my year of car.
  6. Thats good to know, did have a thought if there was something wrong with my car 🙂 Did have a issue on a older MB where the thermostat was faulty and was getting low MPG due to engine never getting up to 80 temp.
  7. Thank you for the reply 🙂 Our situation sounds almost identical, I also had a 61 plate E class (but just the normal saloon), so far my average on the Lexus has been 45mpg, this is a mix of long motorway runs and town driving, was hoping for a bit more but its not bad at all for a petrol, I drive it pretty carefully and have followed the various tips on this forum about hybrid driving but dont think I'll get much better then that.
  8. Nope, when I've opened the door seat has reverted to previous owners settings, I start the car and put seatbelt on nothing happens, I have to press 1 manually to get back my seat settings.
  9. No apologies, the seat moves back to a totally different position (the previous owner?) when I open the door, I then have to press the 1 button to get my seats back how I want. At the moment every time I sit in the car I have to recall position 1, it looks like my key is making it reset to the previous owners settings maybe, no idea why I cant pair my key though 😞
  10. Yes, I watched a youtube video that suggested once the car is started, hold the preset button (1 in my case) and the unlock door button on the drive side door at the same time, I do that but only get a single beep, not the second longer beep which shows pairing. I did another test and it looks like the seats change back when I open the door after unlocking the car.
  11. Hi All I have a new to me 63 plate IS300H Premier and have noticed a issue which I cant seem to figure out, I've set the seating how I like it and saved it into preset 1, i've turned off the easy exit feature so now only the steering wheel moves inwards when I turn off the car. However the issue i'm having is the next time I get into the car, the seat settings have changed, I then have to press preset 1 again to get my seat settings back, is there anything I can do so the seat stays in the position I set it to or at least preset 1? The strange thing is I cannot pinpoint when its changing the seat settings, when I turn the car off only the steering wheel moves, I then lock the car with the remote but I do not notice the seat move at that point either, when I next unlock the car again I do not see the seat move, maybe it has moved at some point but I just cannot see it.. Advice appreciated 🙂
  12. I've just recently purchased a 2014 IS300H, how can I check that I don't have this issue?, bit worried it's common and I won't notice it happening..
  13. What contact details did you use for lexus out of interest, I emailed them and they just send out a canned reply and no help whatsoever
  14. no limit on number of claims, but £3k limit over the term.
  15. Hi All Was just wondering if anyone had any recent experiences with Lexus smart cover which covers small dents, scratches etc, if so did it work well for you, i've read this post: And the older posts made it sound pretty good, but more recent posts suggess the cover provider may have changed from before, dealer has offered it for £350 for 3 years for me, its normally £499, can also cancel at any time and get a pro rata refund, I'm tempted to go for it as sometimes you cannot help but park in congested areas and theres always a chance of a door ding etc 🙂
  16. Spoke to another dealer with the photos and they advised they would never send wheels out in that condition regardless of price as they will deteriorate pretty quickly in their view which goes against the peace of mind of approved used, I'll ask for the complaints process.
  17. Thanks all, £14,350 for 63 plate with over 62k miles
  18. It was a pretty standard advert listing car features etc, nothing about condition, I was then told on the day it's not been prepped for selling so it will look pristine once prepped, I put down a deposit on that basis, it was unfortunate it was raining so heavily when I picked it up as if hid the issues.
  19. Yep I did speak to the Salesperson initially and got no where, then sent a polite e-mail to one of the managers and his response was it meets Lexus standards, so I think next step would be going higher up the chain I'm guessing 🙂
  20. Hi All Was hoping for some advice, I picked up a approved used 2014 IS300H from a dealer on Sat, when I had initially seen it it hadnt been prepped at all so I was advised it was in its worst possible state and they will make it pristine if I buy and before I pickup, unfortunately on the day of pickup it was raining heavily so could not see bodywork properly, just the interior which was fine. The next day I noticed various scratches on the bodywork and the laquer is peeling off on one of the alloys, to me it doesnt seem right that already I need to spend money on the alloy to prevent further corrosion on a approved used car, I did e-mail them photos but they advised it meets Lexus standards and there is nothing else they can do. I've purchased various approved used from different marques and the prepwork has been a lot better then what I've experienced here to be honest, the car also had a expired puncture repair kit, the MOT was not done as they promised either, their only offer is they'll do the MOT as that was missed. Its a shame as other then that I am happy with the car so far, its very comfy and I feel like its a upgrade from Mercedes 🙂 The dealer is part of the steven eagell group, has anyone had results from complaining to head office etc? Advice appreciated and photos attached to get a second view..
  21. I've heard of lots of people doing this, was worried about how good they are but sounds like people are happy enough with their work
  22. Thank you, its MicroUSB I have, was just a bit nervous about these generic brands selling hardwire kits, Nextbase i've heard of but that is Mini USB which will not fit my roav, also i'm not very comfortable messing around with the fusebox side of things myself whereas with the 12v socket I can just plug in and hide the wires myself (I just pushed into the trim myself in last car). Another person seems to have routed their dashcam wire via the central armrest 12v connection, that could be a option if I can hide wires properly, picking the car up this weekend so once I see it in the flesh I think i'll be able to make a better decision 🙂 Worst case I'll just have to buy a hardware kit like the one you linked to and pay for someone to fit for me.
  23. Hi All Does anyone know how to check software or firmware levels on the 63 plate IS300H premier model? As part of buying a approved used car I wanted them to update this if out of date but the reply I got was a bit vague, be good to know how I can verify myself if its not the latest version 🙂
  24. I've always been a fan of Goodyear EfficientGrip, good road holding and the quietest tyres i've used, not sure about lifespan however.