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  1. think he is winding you up Mat not winding me up at all... to me its very simple, if you dont like it here, **** off then That says it all really ... Though unfortunately it seems to be not that simple. If people do go somewhere else (e.g. to another club) then they end up being responsible for any unfortunate things that happen to the first club (e.g. empty stands at JAE etc). Think its the way people are PM'd to get them to another club thats wrong... In the past I've spent time on the Aristo stand then the next day gone to LOC which was my choice......was never PM'd by the Aristo guys
  2. think he is winding you up Mat not winding me up at all... to me its very simple, if you dont like it here, **** off then May be you should be more direct with them then
  3. U should check your emails Mr Read ! U should check post number 1 Mr Ellen . That was pre exodus.................was told it was down to 1/2 cars yours being one of them needed to make sure
  4. U should check your emails Mr Read !
  5. few people have done so with no reported ill effects
  6. My is 350 is supercharged with some 370 bhp and is great BUT it doesnt involve me if you know what I mean.......will do 170 mph (on autobahn) but its quiet with no foibles so not sure where I am........... suppose its too efficient !! roll on my Maserati quattroporte !
  7. Yes... it was some time ago Would you said the noise is about the same as TTE? .Noisier I'm afraid. Probably the same as a TTE with an induction kit Huuum!Feel tempted, Is it Lysholm 2300 A-AX-R On this kit? Thanks Dave Please contact a moderator who will give you Steves number and you can get more details direct from Steve. Its Steves sale recouping costs he has incurred on the ill fated project. I know the price is a bargain BTW
  8. Lets get a few things right here.... Firstly you deny the message left to me ? A simple yes or no will suffice (Don't forget voicemails can be saved and you have a disticntive voice) I added the caveat about Mr Mole as you may well have found another scotsman in the bar at the ibis in frechen at 3.30 german time to call a complete stranger in england on their phone) Regarding the text messages and who "Tom" really is I got the first one after an email to Steve asking "If there was a problem" signed Tom. I responded saying contact Steve... Heard nothing until I posted on the forum...I had a text from "Tom" I then sent this email fromdave ellen <*************> tobrice1ie <brice1ie@****com>, Steven Hill <> date5 September 2009 08:15 subjectYour car hide details 5 Sep (4 days ago) Tom, I cant send text messages very well from where I live. This is what Gordon posted on the limpdick forum QUOTE=Gord;16659]I have some is200 parts for sale. Jun light weight flywheel with uprated full helix organic clutch both new never fitted £500 the pair 1 Lysholm supercharger unit new never fitted, comes with cradle to fit is200 and pully's. £700 You would have to get all the other parts to make this fit any is200 or other car Dont these belong to Tom ? Unless he has agreed for Steve to sell them it may get sticky for don't want the fraud squad after you as well as the inland revenue do you anyway prison food may help you loose weight you fat **** twas this post that started the saga...........(text messages from "Tom" After a few text messages from "Tom" I thought something was not right. Last Saturday night I got a phone message from Tom giving me his landline number ...I got this mid morning the sunday toprolex <*************>, Steve At Charlesworth <stevecharlesworthmotors@h*********> date6 September 2009 13:47 subjectYour car Part 2? I havent got part 1 yet!! mailed-by*** hide details 6 Sep (3 days ago) Hi guys.... Firstly I havent text you ANY messages since this all went to ***** (to be blunt).... I not even in Europe now so there is no reason as to why i would try and sort this out being sooooo far away... especially by text.. Nuff said.... Subsequently I have left 8/9 messages for Tom and Steve has also left messages (also more emails) No response was forthcoming hence the decsion to sell the kit as a whole & fitted. There is a whole lot more I can say but I will not at this juncture. As an aside anyone tried calling the two numbers ? Fact is Gordon this shows you to be what you really are some ways,bit extreme but hey ho, you remind me of the holocaust deniers out there who still stick to their views even though 99.999% of people refute them in the hope that some people will believe them and jopin their club
  9. Yes... it was some time ago Would you said the noise is about the same as TTE? .Noisier I'm afraid. Probably the same as a TTE with an induction kit
  10. Difficult to say as its the first one...................... If you are interested follow the procedure above and find out.
  11. Remodelled TTE air box Ask how he knows it set at .3 bar too Pulley size we had two sizes made for engines with internals done and one for TTE spec cars (no management required) Anyway best anyone interested contact Steve thru moderators as instructed they all have emails with Steves contact details
  12. hi, I'm not selling it. Steve from Charlesworth is. If you contact a moderator they will put you in contact with him.
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