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  1. My first service of a 2010 RX 450h shows a leaking tramsmission with a warning that it might have to be replaced. I understand it's a sealed unit. Any ideas of the cost of this? Depending on that, I may take it back to the trader who sold it to me. Many thanks.
  2. Alas, no RFT markings 😞 That said, you clearly know more about this than I do. Is it possible / do people actually soften the suspension on a 450h? I did this with the sports suspension on my Jag (no problem with this) to make it waft more. But it may be different with an SUV.
  3. Hello John. Thanks for replying. The tyres are Bridgestone Dueller H/P 235/55 R19 101V. And are set at 33psi
  4. I've just bought my first Lexus. It's a 2010 RX 450h SE-L with low (59,000) mileage. I find the (non-air) suspension quite unforgiving. Do people ever soften it / is that even possible? I've had a Jaguar for years and the difference is noticeable. Thanks.
  5. Steve

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