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  1. Hi Phil. Did you get any further with your suspension? I have recently become the owner of a dark blue/ivory interior 2007 SC which had serious suspension problems. I chose the option of MeisterR coilovers and they have transformed the car. It is now a real pleasure to drive - and I can tinker with settings if needed! Recommended.
  2. Hi. I had a similar problem with my SC which had been unused for a while before I bought it last summer. A liberal dosing of WD 40 between mirror and its bracket did the trick. Good luck - and enjoy
  3. A 5 year old thread but I’m new to the forum and finding my way round my recently acquired 2007 SC. A brilliant fix for a frustrating problem. Worked first time. Many thanks ......... how did you get to know about this fix - is there a secret bible of really weird manoeuvres? Many thanks again
  4. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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