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  1. Sign the petition - 'Develop CarPlay Retrofits to Lexus LS and LC' @Kevin Williams I am in the market for a used LC, hence my passion for this subject. The contemptuous tone taken towards me on that thread didn't warrant a reply from me.
  2. The only real hope now is that the revised infotainment unit that UK cars are getting can be purchased through parts department - at astronomical cost - and swapped into older vehicles. That or a nice. third party solution like the BeatSonic CarPlay unit, which isn't 100% confirmed to work on UK cars but works with the equivalent year group navigation system in the US.
  3. Just seeing that now. Pathetic from Lexus, but what can you do? They looked at how many customers it affected and thought meh who cares.
  4. It's irrelevant because it doesn't change Lexus's stance on something so simple as a software update - which they are applying to the rest of their range. Just because you are a fan of something doesn't mean you put the blinkers on to any faults...
  5. The LC is a great car - but it could be perfect if it had CarPlay. Live Google Maps navigation with satellite view beats some ancient looking out of date the moment it's 'updated' built in Lexus system.
  6. This is the kind of trash that means Lexus will never be a respected brand in the UK. You can't just not bother to update your infotainment with features that other markets get simply because you haven't really sold many of the vehicle in question and can't be bothered. Lexus have fed you a lie, because the other vehicles with the next-gen infotainment system - which remember was introduced with the LC - all get the update. Just the LS and LC don't - conveniently the two vehicles that probably number 1000 in total sales if they are lucky.
  7. I will be stunned if you get CarPlay installed - see the other thread on this - Lexus have backtracked on CarPlay for the LC and LS on their official UK blog. Looks like spending £100k on a car doesn't guarantee you features of an Aygo...
  8. Some may have seen my post already on the LC500 CarPlay thread, but it seems that Lexus has now backtracked their earlier Lexus UK Blog posts. They have reverted back to their generic 'we have no information at this time' statement despite earlier in the year saying that they could confirm that the update would be out for LS and LC by the end of the year. How Lexus can justify not giving their £100k cars a feature that an Aygo has is unreal. It might go a long way to explain the woeful LC sales and the fact there is ONE LS500 for sale on AutoTrader.
  9. This is simply not good enough. Diabolical customer service from Lexus to just ignore their two most expensive cars because there's hardly any out there. No wonder LC sales have been woeful and there's currently ONE LS for sale on Auto Trader. EDIT: I see your posts on the blog Stuart. They still have the following reply to a comment further down. " Hi Nigel, Thanks for your comment. Whilst we cannot be more specific at this time, we can confirm that the Apple CarPlay retrofit for the LC 500 will be available at a later date. You can sign up to our newslette
  10. The GS has the archaic system sadly - the LC was the first car to introduce the new style system with updated interface. As above, anything introduced pre-LC won't get it.
  11. I originally had this complaint too, but, the added gubbins for an electric boot aren't really worth the hassle. What I find more unforgivable is the complete lack of thigh support adjustment or any form of seat massaging. When you are going for all out GT long distance luxury, how can you omit such basics? The competition and the LS have it.
  12. That is epic news, I'm absolutely buzzing right now that Lexus didn't simply forget their ultra luxury offerings - no matter how small the sales are it simply would be unforgivable to not bother with them.
  13. Good news for ES, UX and NX owners. But as for the £100k LC and LS buyers - there is a reply to a Lexus UK Blogpost saying that LC retrofit is in the works...nothing about LS. And again, that's just a reply to a comment on the blog post - nothing overly official. Come on Lexus...
  14. Thanks for the link, I see that only a few weeks after a generic 'sign up for updates' reply to someone asking about LC, they have confirmed it is in the works and coming later in the year. I see that the TSB for UX, NX and ES has been published with the associated update files. I wonder if they will ever get around to updating their other £100k vehicle, the LS.
  15. The CT needs replaced, Lexus are embarrassing themselves trying to put that thing head to head with a new A-Class for instance.
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