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  1. The GS has the archaic system sadly - the LC was the first car to introduce the new style system with updated interface. As above, anything introduced pre-LC won't get it.
  2. I originally had this complaint too, but, the added gubbins for an electric boot aren't really worth the hassle. What I find more unforgivable is the complete lack of thigh support adjustment or any form of seat massaging. When you are going for all out GT long distance luxury, how can you omit such basics? The competition and the LS have it.
  3. That is epic news, I'm absolutely buzzing right now that Lexus didn't simply forget their ultra luxury offerings - no matter how small the sales are it simply would be unforgivable to not bother with them.
  4. Good news for ES, UX and NX owners. But as for the £100k LC and LS buyers - there is a reply to a Lexus UK Blogpost saying that LC retrofit is in the works...nothing about LS. And again, that's just a reply to a comment on the blog post - nothing overly official. Come on Lexus...
  5. Thanks for the link, I see that only a few weeks after a generic 'sign up for updates' reply to someone asking about LC, they have confirmed it is in the works and coming later in the year. I see that the TSB for UX, NX and ES has been published with the associated update files. I wonder if they will ever get around to updating their other £100k vehicle, the LS.
  6. The CT needs replaced, Lexus are embarrassing themselves trying to put that thing head to head with a new A-Class for instance.
  7. I just hope they don't forget those who have sunk 100 grand into their cars - and who at the moment they are lying to by saying they can't get CarPlay.
  8. These systems are usually very buggy and look terrible graphically. I have been around the Android powered retrofit boxes on the Mercedes side and they are buggy as all hell too, overheating and switching off etc It's a piecemeal repair for something that LS and LC owners in the UK, however few, should be absolutely inundating Lexus UK with complaints for. Like I say, I absolutely refuse to believe that the identical next-gen nav systems in the listed retrofit vehicles will get CarPlay but for some reason, LC and LS will not. It's just a classic case of not giving a s*** because it only affects a handful of people anyway.
  9. This was my sentiment entirely in my comment over on the LC sub-forum post. It turns a classy car into a trashy one.
  10. To be honest with you, although there is a contingent out there that want this car as a complete spec sheet king, it doesn't suit the LC. Personally, I feel the LC looks perfect they way it is, and it just doesn't suit tacked on wings and splitters etc.
  11. Anyone have any information if Lexus has rethought their ludicrous decision to not offer retrofit to the £100,000 LC and LS?
  12. Thanks @Zotto, however: 1. That website is Australian based - totally different market. 2. There are already known upgrade programmes outside of the UK, the issue has always been that Lexus UK are absolutely incapable of giving an answer on the issue of whetherr a 100k car will have the same feature as a 12k Aygo. The fact that Lexus updates the same year of navigation systems outside of the UK to CarPlay shows that the architecture within is capable of it (despite different hardware manufacturers). Is it just a case that Lexus UK can't be bothered because they've sold so few LSs and LCs that 'who cares'? Don't underestimate that probability as Honda UK did the same with the Legend, suggesting completely incorrect fluid for the rear differential because they sold hardly any of them so didn't really care. It really is sad, because as someone who is actively looking for a used model, I know that CarPlay will make or break my experience with the car overall. If you are that way inclined, your mind is not going to allow you to simply think 'who cares, it plays music and does navigation anyway' - once you've used CarPlay and experienced the fact it is up to date far more often than the OEM infotainment, you can't go back to instantly outdated maps etc
  13. I've still not seen any clips of this, do you mind putting something on YouTube? Thanks
  14. Hi everyone, this is my first post on the forum after being a longtime Lexus Enthusiast forum member - a lot of yank content on there so it's nice to see some UK based stuff. It is absolutely bemusing and downright embarrassing that the LC and LS do not have CarPlay and Android Auto. I understand there was a licensing issue in the beginning that meant it could not be put in initially, but you not have a situation where Toyota Motor Company's absolute pinnacles of engineering have a feature less than an Aygo...it's frankly ridiculous. I get that people will say the usual blinkered remarks like 'you buy this car for the V8 soundtrack', but that is just being an apologist for Lexus's severe lack of tech competency vs the rivals. Lexus debuted their new infotainment system with the LC, and now they are saying the same system is not capable of CarPlay yet the identical UX system is? That is a complete nonsense. Has anyone had any further update on the update for the LC? I noticed that some earlier posts on their thread suggested that dealers did in fact indicate they would be updating the LC - I would love to see how a UX CarPlay update file would behave on the LC.