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  1. Thanks for your reply - yes, it's true if you are not familiar with the particular model it would be hard to figure out what it is! I quite like the badgeless look to be honest - it's easier to clean and polish.
  2. Hello all, I have had my NX 300h since July and I am very pleased with it so far. Strangely I only noticed today, after following behind another one that mine does not have badging on the rear! - the 'Lexus' on the left and 'NX300h' on the right of the tailgate. It's not a problem, but I am intrigued to know if some models were 'unbadged'. My model is the NX 300 sport. Thanks for any info!
  3. I always give the car a good wash - it's a great way to spot any blemishes that you miss visually. Good luck with your new car and enjoy!
  4. The memory seats are useful if you change drivers as you said. I am planning to do the same - either a premier or luxury. I am just keeping an eye on specs as I see them come up for sale (through a Lexus dealer). I think I could be tempted though by a later SE coming up with some additional features as I see the later ones now come with parking sensors and electric seats (not memory though!). Good luck finding yours!
  5. Fair enough - it does make sense if the additional features will be useful - good luck in your search
  6. I don't wish to hijack your thread but what are thoughts on purchasing an NX which is a lower spec - SE or perhaps Luxury but with the additional packs fitted such as convenience, premium Satnav etc. do you think it represents better value than spending the higher price of a secondhand premier version which seem to command approx £3-4K over the other versions of the same age? - The premier does look very nice though!! best Neal
  7. Thanks for that, I had not seen an NX fitted with them before. They look good in the photo.
  8. I would say regarding it's mileage it sounds ok but the tyre issue does seem a bit odd. I would have thought it would have taken longer than this cars age for them to actually perish? It does look nice in the photos - I am presently looking to purchase one myself and think the 'luxury' version seems to be a good mid range option. Are the defenders on the doors Lexus ones? - the angle they are fitted looks a bit odd going with the other lines of the doors. Good luck with your search Regards Neal
  9. NDP

    'CAT lock'

    Hi Surendra, I'm to the North of London and use Lexus Woodford - not had mine fitted yet but intend to use them. I guess to the NW of London Lexus Edgware might be your nearest. Good luck Neal
  10. I have a 2018 CT and if the ride has been improved since 2015 cars then it must have been very harsh because you do suffer uneven surfaces. It doesn't worry me personally but it is the only thing that let's down an otherwise nice car.
  11. NDP

    'CAT lock'

    My Lexus dealer quoted me £250 fitted
  12. NDP

    'CAT lock'

    Thanks both for your replies - it sounds like it's worthwhile having the lock fitted - thanks very much
  13. Dear all, Compliments of the season! My CT was in for it's first MoT and health check with Lexus today and all was well. What they did suggest was to think about having a 'Cat lock' fitted for which they would charge £250. I was interested to know if others have had this done or think it worthwhile as a precaution against the theft of the catalytic convertor. I imagine the theft would require the CT to be raised as it sits so low to the ground anyway making it more bother to target? Any thoughts best Neal
  14. Hi, I have had a CT 200h since August. I don't do the sort of mileage you do yourself so can only comment on how I have found mine up to now. The fuel consumption is very good and I average 50+ mpg overall. Most of my driving is in town (London). As you say I'm sure you will miss the power of your present car, the CT is by no means quick but in 'sport' mode is nippy if needed. It's a quiet relaxing drive rather than a drivers car. The ride quality won't be as comfortable as your present car - it does not worry me personally but you do feel every lump in the road! You also sit quite low and I find at night other cars headlights are in your face. Interior space - up front is fine and it's easy to find a comfortable driving position and rear space is ok for two people but cramped if five up. Rear load space is fairly limited but depends on what you need to carry. I don't mean to put you off by any of my comments because overall I find it a well screwed together car, nice interior and pleasant to drive. I would certainly try one out to give you an idea of it's character. Good luck in your purchase
  15. Wow! sounds like we are fortunate here then!
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