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  1. NDP

    'CAT lock'

    Hi Surendra, I'm to the North of London and use Lexus Woodford - not had mine fitted yet but intend to use them. I guess to the NW of London Lexus Edgware might be your nearest. Good luck Neal
  2. I have a 2018 CT and if the ride has been improved since 2015 cars then it must have been very harsh because you do suffer uneven surfaces. It doesn't worry me personally but it is the only thing that let's down an otherwise nice car.
  3. NDP

    'CAT lock'

    My Lexus dealer quoted me £250 fitted
  4. NDP

    'CAT lock'

    Thanks both for your replies - it sounds like it's worthwhile having the lock fitted - thanks very much
  5. Dear all, Compliments of the season! My CT was in for it's first MoT and health check with Lexus today and all was well. What they did suggest was to think about having a 'Cat lock' fitted for which they would charge £250. I was interested to know if others have had this done or think it worthwhile as a precaution against the theft of the catalytic convertor. I imagine the theft would require the CT to be raised as it sits so low to the ground anyway making it more bother to target? Any thoughts best Neal
  6. Hi, I have had a CT 200h since August. I don't do the sort of mileage you do yourself so can only comment on how I have found mine up to now. The fuel consumption is very good and I average 50+ mpg overall. Most of my driving is in town (London). As you say I'm sure you will miss the power of your present car, the CT is by no means quick but in 'sport' mode is nippy if needed. It's a quiet relaxing drive rather than a drivers car. The ride quality won't be as comfortable as your present car - it does not worry me personally but you do feel every lump in the road! You also sit
  7. Wow! sounds like we are fortunate here then!
  8. That's true! I bought mine in the summer and using it more in the dark now have noticed other car headlights are very bright again due to the lower ride height.
  9. Thanks for your reply - I'm glad I am not the only one then! I was beginning to wonder if the car was sitting extra low for some reason. It is more of a problem parking on cambers as you say. Thanks
  10. Hello, I just wanted to ask out of interest if any other CT owners have problems with their front doors grounding on pavements as you open them. I live on a hill and have to be very careful not to open the door fully. The front doors; which are quite long, only have millimetre clearance and if the pavement is uneven in any way catch the corner of the door. I have fitted a small triangular rubber on the corners of the doors which at least protects the paintwork but find it quite a nuisance having to remember not to swing the door open. I think the combination of the long door and t
  11. Hello Kevin, I had similar problems to yourself a few weeks back and as Colin and Herbie suggest jump start it and it should go back to 'Ready'. When my battery was flat it put up hybrid system fault etc. Once mine was running again I attempted to use the car to keep the battery topped up but it let me down again soon after, so I purchased a new battery from Lexus and touch wood it's been fine since. It does seem that if the battery is weak it will soon flatten - I spent an afternoon cleaning the car with doors open and keys in my pocket, so the car was 'awake' as it were and this was eno
  12. Hello, I managed to open the drivers door - there was still enough life in the battery to open but not lock again. The AA then opened the bonnet, took the cover off of the fuse box and attached his cable to a large 'spade' like connector which had a red hinge cover and earthed his other cable on the left of the engine block. Thanks for your interest and everyone else who kindly replied. Best Neal
  13. Thank you, That's answered my question on losing settings. I can see from all the helpful replies that the battery life should be much longer so I am going to give this battery more chance and see what happens. Thanks again
  14. Thanks John, I think I will give the present battery a chance and see how it responds to more use
  15. Hi Charlie, I had last used the car last Saturday but only a short run and it had been standing about a week before that. So I think this is my problem. Must say I do like the UX! - as you say the CT is nice but boot space is quite restricted. thanks for your reply
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