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  1. Am sure you have this done by done but a set of Irwin Bolt Grips will be more useful than a lift if anything like the rusted mess mine were
  2. Where’s the puddle of diesel? After mine sitting for some time it flattened the battery trying to start it. Just though it was battery on the way out but it was fuel leak. The clips on all the fuel line hoses were rusted to hell and had no leak when primed it the first time the second time straight after caused a big puddle. Car started and normally wouldn’t notice as was used every day. Cheap put time consuming to fix..
  3. Hi, IS220 has 167000 miles on it and started to give me plenty of things to fix. The latest one has me stumped. The pulley on the tensioner keeps getting pushed off the bearing. Got a second hand tensioner and same thing. Have checked the alignment of the alternator to the crank and it seems good. All bearings and pulleys seem smooth with no wobbles. Marked the crank and looks like harmonic balancer hasn’t separated. Has anyone had similar issue or any ideas on what else I can check. Thanks
  4. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!