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  1. Hi Steve! Thanks for the warm welcome, what a brilliant start I feel at home already. I can assure you it was the excitement keeping me awake, and it's reassuring to hear that you feel the price I paid was a good one despite the issue I mentioned. Really handy useful information I'll check them fuses tomorrow (Another reason not to sleep) It's weird, no air con, no heating, and pretty much none of them top buttons work, however the security light still flashes and hazards still work on the unit along with the radio controls. Any other suggestions from other members are welcomed and ill be sure to try yours tomorrow and post my outcome. Also, I wondered what the MM means in my vehicle information the car is listed as a Lexus 2006 IS250 MM, would that just be the higher spec version of the car? Literally no lights on the dash and looking through the history this was someone's 'Baby' and it has been well taken care of! It's a joy to drive and I feel I'm getting decent MPG! Thanks again for the warm welcome and I hope to hear from some of the other members soon on this thread. 😀
  2. Hi! I'm new here and new to lexus in general but I fell in love with one the other day and I've not long just got back from London with my new car - really impressed! I sold my 3 series and managed to pick up a 2006 Lexus IS250 Mark Levinson on 143k miles with full stamped Lexus Service History, mechanically the car is a pleasure. For some reason though, the screen doesn't come on and lights aren't illuminated on the central console, looking online I can see this is a common issue, and can be quite costly! I paid £1200 which is great but it would be nice to have the centre system working, the guy I bought the car off has bought fuses so I'm assuming the fuses are okay, any idea what this could be? Radio still works, I can still see the clock etc, the bottom half of the console seems to work fine it's just the screen and a few buttons not illuminating. Any ideas? Thanks for reading and glad here!
  3. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!