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  1. Dash lights are coming on, everything electrical inside the car works fine, lights are at full power etc
  2. Hi there new to the forum, looking for some help to diagnose an issue. I have a 2002 IS200. I got in it the other day and suddenly it wouldn't start, not just wouldn't turn over but when I turned the key absolutely nothing happened, silence. The battery is fine, and it is having this issue intermittently. After the first time I push started it, and when I got home and turned it off, it wouldn't turn back on. Since then I've started it maybe 20 times and it's fired first time every time, until last night when I had silence again. I would have thought if it was a dud starter then I wouldn't have managed to get it started so many times but I am a complete novice so feel free to tell me I'm wrong on that. I've tried with both of my keys, and the only other thing I've tried is pulling the EFI fuse (after reading another post on here) and after putting that back in it worked first time but I think it was just a coincidence, as I tried that last night and nothing. Any help would be hugely appreciated.
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