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  1. Hi, a new member but I’m on my 6th Lexus now, IS200 followed by an IS200 Sport, then a RX300 and an IS300, then a big gap until I tried a CT200 but that was so boring to drive, I hated the CVT. I now have a 2011 IS250 F Sport, I picked it up with 82,000 miles on the clock now registered 105,000 miles. It’s a fine car, apart from the totally useless and dangerous supposedly auto dimming rear view mirrors. With the explosion of excessively bright Daylight Running Searchlights they don’t dim at all. Tell the dealer and they will simply shine a torch to prove they do dim. LED DLR’s shine forwards not down, LED headlamps have no controls over how bright they are or how extensive they are. The only law of headlamp brightness is the 65W, on 12V, just over 5 amps. Stick 65W through a 5 volt LED and you get 13 amps, and a white light brighter than the Sun. I have also proved my mirrors don’t dim with LED by shining a bright LED at the sensors and the dimming doesn’t work. When cars with these LED DLRs or Headlamps are behind me my only recourse to stop being blinded is to turn the rear view mirror to one side or up, which helps but not with the door mirrors. Worse case scenarios I also fold my door mirrors. Isn’t it about time Lexus came up with a modification that works with LED frequencies?
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