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  1. He's gonna need to sell it soon, don't fancy seeing his seller fees !!
  2. As far as I know, I'm sure I will be corrected if I'm wrong. The Lexus IS200 is a 6 pot 153 BHP The Toyota Altezza is a 4 POT pushing around 210 BHP. The UK IS200's generally have a higer spec, although there are tezza's out there with all the toys. I have an IS200 Sport, but given the choise I'd have an RS200/Altezza. The joys of being 20.......Insurance !
  3. That looks sweet. Would you mind uploading a pic once its lowered as I also have a black IS200 4x4 with Toora 5 Platinums. Really wana see what the IS looks like dropped on them.
  4. A custom made subaru bonnet vent to which on fitting will add 59.79 BHP ?
  5. There are no major issues to look out for. The fuel is quite a big hit, bare in mind you're going to want to put Branded fuel in, rather than untreated super market stuff. I average about 110-120 miles on £20 of Texaco Standard and about 100 miles on £20 of Texaco super. Servicing is expensive when going to main dealers, if you buying second hand and its over 3 years old, get it done privately. Parts aren't a worry, they generally don't go wrong, if they do, generally about the same price as any other car. Beleive me, I'm skint every month after paying out on the loan and insurance, but w
  6. I can't really afford a UK IS300 from what I've seen. An altezza would be ideal :(
  7. As I thought, I want to know that I'm driving a safe car!
  8. I'd prob go independant, suppose it'll still cost a fortune! Just peeved I can't get a tez or supercharge my 200. Why didn't they make a manual 300!! -
  9. I'm just a bit bored with the power of my 200 now. I'm only 20 so can't insure any mods, yet can quite happily insure a uk is300 and an import!! I really want an altezza, clearly makes sence I can have a 300 import but not a tez
  10. Hi everyone, I keep toying on the idea of importing a US IS300, has anyone done it, or anyone know of anyone thats done it? The only boo boo is the left hand drive factor ! Really want a 300 manual + they're so much cheaper out there!
  11. I called the bodyshop today who did the repairs. The guy I spoke to said they have the report from Lexus but he needs to check with his manager wether or not he can fax them to me, as they made the payment to Lexus for the work.. Correct me if I'm wrong.....Its my car !! Its as if they're trying to hide something ! I'm gonna keep nagging ! Thanks for your patients.
  12. Full LEXUS service history worth over £2500 alone? That makes sense! - What is it an optional extra?
  13. Lexus Poole actually did the geometry, they told me they have the equipment there? I'll try and get the print out today.
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