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  1. Lexus IS200t XE30 USA Spec: 2.0 Turbo i4 AT8 245hp 350N.m A T8 1625kg RWD Wheels: R17 Mods: Stock
  2. It is very strange that many thoughts about drifting, why they burn tires, etc.😪 Everyone has different hobbies, some like to drink wine, some like drugs, music, football, the same drift. There is no pity for tires, gasoline and senselessness reasons to speak, it's better to just walk by Don't think one-sidedly!
  3. Hello to all😊 Maybe someone will need the information, installed Torsen T2 from GT86/BRZ/FRS 4.1Differencial Model Y38 everything rises bolt on I warn you this differential is not suitable for IS350/GS350/IS200t
  4. I know for sure that you can put the differential on is250 from gt86/frs/brz у меня стоит от scion frs
  5. LSD cool theme 😁 I also often bully
  6. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!