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  1. I checked the German manual of my pre-facelift NX. Chapter 9.2 deal with ‘customizable functions’. Maybe something can be found there, if your manual is equally numbered. Concerning the second topic: What noise do you referring too exactly?
  2. Great to hear so positively about the Michelin CrossClimate. Here in Germany we had a long discussion in the LOC about the pros and cons of all season tires. I changed to Michelin already after 3 month to be winter ready. Best tire decision ever made 🙂. What I should have done differently though is to change the wheels from front to back more often. After 3 years I have the front on 3 mm and the back on 6 mm. I will replace 2 tires soon because of this.
  3. I would expect a Luxury model to have the sensors 😉 I must admit that the bird view camera experience is something I miss a bit but over here it only comes in the fully loaded model which is actually called Luxury. Funny how every country seems to have different model specs and names.
  4. I could have waited for the update in October but that’s ok. There will always be a new update around the corner. The process went smooth and not too complicated to perform if you follow the instructions. The thing you need is some time as you have to download the files, create the USB stick and perform the update. That took around two hours in total. Now the new A-road close to my town is recognized at last 🙂. I don’t like to drive in the “woods” when a new road was built. P.S. Might be only a subjective observation but I believe the whole user experience works a bit smoother now.
  5. Exactly right. Val told me that newer maps might come in October. I am happy to have replaced my maps from 2016 though.
  6. In case you plan trips to mainland Europe. I have my NX since 07/2017 and travelled many countries, parked my car outside at train stations every office day and nothing like this happened to it. Also not to the 3 Lexus I had before. What actually happened to it where 2 damages while parking and the guilty drivers went away 😞 I guess this could happen to everybody.
  7. Hello Geoff, I installed the update an hour ago and all worked as described. I attach a picture with the update version. The map data says 2019-10-0
  8. Very good. I ordered an update just now. Let’s see how they respond.
  9. Hello Geoff, I have a NX 300h from 2017 (pre-facelift) with a 13CY Version. I would be interested if you updated your system yet? I am interested in an update as well.