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  1. Exactly same for me. Bluetooth fine, WiFi never reconnects.
  2. Anyone fitted the Lexus Front & Rear Under runs (or skid plates as I know them). Any good? Easy to fit? Quality? Cheers Paul
  3. It just unclips. No real force needed. Surprised they managed to get it back on, as they usually use a piggyback fuse which means the cover won't fit back on unless you cut open a slot. I know this because my fuse box is rattling around in my cubby hole in centre rest Paul
  4. Hi after reading this thread, I thought i'd try mine and I have the same issue. I turn on my hotpsot on my iphone and make sure anyone can join. I then set up the wifi on the car and it connects fine. All good so far. Turn off car, turn on car and it doesn't connect!. I have the latest software on this system as they did it when i purchased it last month (it's a 2018). Don't understand why some people seem to hold/remember the wifi and some of us it just won't reconnect automatically (yes this is all turned on and I can see the preferred saved hotspot in the car). The infotainment promises so much but delivers a bad user experience imo. Paul
  5. Thanks. I’ll make sure I have them when I collect 👍
  6. Lovely looking car. Is it a Premier? Can’t wait to collect mine (hopefully this week, fingers crossed). Not a premier though just a luxury with convenience pack.
  7. As part of the agreement of buying the car, Lexus have agreed to do its 2 year service (10k). So, apart from the stamp in the book, what else should I expect paperwork wise. (Details of work done as part of service, a paper certificate of the hybrid condition? Etc) cheers
  8. Many thanks to Chris for this deal. Received the boot liner in good time and well packaged. Delighted with the condition. Thanks again. Paul
  9. Hi, I’m in Enfield (north London) M25 J24 or J25.
  10. Hi, I’m after one of these. Any idea how much postage would be? If no more than a tenner I’ll take it. cheers Paul
  11. Hi, Picking up my car next week and want to install a dash cam. Any recommendations? I will be hardwiring it. I know Lexus offer a Nextbase 380gw, but wonder if anyone has used anything else with success? Cheers Paul
  12. Hi, I’ve been reading a lot about the NX300h and took a trip with my wife to our local Lexus dealer. We were both blown away with the cars. We looked at many NX’s starting with a 2017 Sport. Loved it, but then we were shown a 2016 F Sport with Convenience pack and that ramped up the wow factor. Well today I’ve just put a deposit on a 2018 68 plate Luxury with convenience pack (Sky blue) from the same dealer. More than I wanted to spend but reasoned this with it’s only 2 years old with 8500 miles on clock and we tend to keep our cars a long time (moving from a BMW 525 Tourer on a 53 plate which we’ve had for 11 years!) Unfortunately we can’t pick up car until mid September (off on hols soon). Weirdly the price difference between a 64 plate, 16 plate, 17 plate and the one we ended up with isn’t as big as I’d expect. For instance the 64 plate was £24,500, 16 plate £25,990 and 2017 was £23,750. Mainly due to the spec I think? Anyway will let you know when I have it and look forward to owning this. cheers Paul