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  1. Hi All I have just had my LS600h serviced at the end of the extended warranty and just before it's 10th birthday (low mileage so qualifies for Relax) but was not given any paperwork to confirm this. The dealer told me it was all registered on the Lexus system and that in the unlikely event a claim was made the dealer would check the system. Further research reveals there is a CWS (Central Warranty Service) which is accessible by dealers only. I think Lexus should provide some evidential document detailing fully the T&C's and expiry date. Any thoughts? Dave
  2. Hi Adam Welcome to LOC. The LS430 is class and looks like you have found a gem. Have you looked at service history?
  3. Hi Medster Bought my 2011 LS600hl from Lexus dealer about three months ago and paid extra for Gen3 protection outside and inside. So glad I had it done, paintwork looks great,water seems to “run off “body and glass. Gen3 website reckons it should last 5years. Cost was about £600. Dave
  4. Didn't know I had them. Just checked and yay I've got foam chip catchers, but will not be eating in the car 😂 Regards Dave
  5. As Steve says, the electrical distribution network is near maximum capacity and is creaking. I believe we are close to widespread power outages unless some control is implemented. Energy suppliers are seeking powers to remotely control charging of EV's. They want the option of turning off selected electrical supplies if the grid is at critical level. How will they do this? My best guess is that they will utilise smart meters to control maximum demand.This is scary and potentially dangerous in many ways. Domestic health related issues are the main worry, nuisance power cuts could be common, and unreliable EV charging a result. Back to Paul's original post, a factor in the economics must be vehicle depreciation. In years to come oil burners will be valued less and less whilst EV's should retain better value.
  6. Hi Fletch I think you have paid a fair price for such a low mileage, immaculate LS600h. I bought mine a month ago and it is a fantastic car. Remember these cars do 200k+ if looked after. Has it got dealer history? Enjoy
  7. Hi Jeff I recently had to source a second key for my sons Mercedes and looked at the offerings on ebay. The "blank" key would need programming at dealership so check first. There is a risk of the dealer taking a deep breath and telling you the blank bought is not working properly. Checked out a quality locksmith - Neners Ltd Swansea, they could do most models but when they interrogated the car ccu found the car model had a revised key that year (2015) and their software could not program. Cost would have been about £160, and they do need the car for a few hours. Decided in end to use MB dealer and they ordered a new genuine key (£280) using car VIN number. Key came ready to go and worked perfectly (had to show V5). Use Lexus dealer or enquire at quality locksmith. Good luck David
  8. Hi John Thanks for your welcome and advice. Will check out the LS forum. Cheers David
  9. Hi John and Steve Thanks for your warm welcomes, I appreciate your posts. Steve - as you say, not many Lexus in our area, certainly not seen any LS600hL's. Very few RX's too. Probably due to lack of dealer presence, nearest is Cardiff. David
  10. Hello to all LOC members, I am looking forward to actively contributing to the forums. Had an LS400 in the nineties which was a fantastic reliable workhorse, we covered about 180k miles together. Now I am retired I have just acquired a 2011 LS600hL which is an absolute dream drive. Still working out all the buttons.😃 Regards Dave
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