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  1. F.A. thanks Actually I have recently spoken to After-Sales Manager Raj and he confirmed what you have said, that Bristol Lexus does not have a four-wheel alignment capability in the dealership and recommended me to use Protyre nearby, which does have the right equipment. Do you use them yourself? I've already changed the tyres at my local dealer so it's a bit cheeky to blag an alignment without promise of any business so I'll wait for the first service due in December and get Lexus to run it round there for the alignment check, by which time I'll be clearer about the seeming condition of steer and wear apparent on the fronts by then. I really like this car after 8 weeks of ownership now. It is not the quickest nor the most luxurious of the many cars I've had but it so satisfying to own and drive.
  2. I purchased my 2017 F Sport 300h late August with 13K miles and fetched it 145 miles to get it home. It noticed a sustained slight drift to the nearside on motorways and when home I found an OE Dunlop Sport Maxx 050 on the OSF and a Pirelli P7 on NSF, which was a silly thing to find on the steering axle of a quality car.. Two new Dunlop OE tyres fitted together have cured the steering issue and I am left with two good tyres with 5 to 5.5mm even wear tread left and no damage. I am not keen to blot my copybook quickly and after reading the forum rules I am unclear whether or not I can inform anyone that I have two decent part-worn tyres available. I would not propose to advertise any price but simply invite any interested member to contact me directly. Can the moderator clarify the position please?
  3. Not sure if I have right end of the stick here but the concern seems to be cancellation of the indicators. Yes? I have had my RC for just two months now and I find the indicators work perfectly in fact. The easy option to lightly touch the stalk to indicate either, momentarily or for pulling out to overtake, is spot-on and if you wish to indicate for a turn coming up, then push it harder. When you've turned it simply cancels. It works fine. I have moved from a 2014 Land Rover Freelander SD4 Auto HSE Luxury and it had the same method. I find the two-tier pressure indicator stalk to be ideal.
  4. Interested to see this post about puddle lights, which are a bit like Marmite; you either like them or have no interest whatsoever. I have put them on my last 3 cars because I quite like them and here are the ones recently fitted on my RC. They are lovely and bright and in my opinion really do enhance the experience of getting and out in the dark. Here's the item on eBay: I recommend them as good value for money.
  5. Thank you. When I took the car in late August I had purchased it via the internet and one of my questions was what are the tyres like and are they a full set of the same model? The sales guy sent me a video to show me around the car and said they were all the same brand and in good condition. My wife and I fetched the car from Leicester at 13,890 miles and drove it back to South Wales via M69, M6, M42, M5 and M4, all giving clear evidence a light drift to the left at motorway speeds. Got home and looked closely at the shiny tyres to find 3 Dunlop Sort Maxx 050 original equipment plus an odd one Pirelli P7 on the nearside front. Whilst not illegal of course it is bad practice on a quality car to either, fit an odd tyre (particularly on the steering axle) or for a leading retailer to sell it without pointing it out. To cut a long story short they agreed to buy a new Dunlop and I bought another new one to make a new pair on the front. All the Dunlops front and rear were around 5mm tread depth. The drift problem has now disappeared so I am trusting it to have good alignment, which will be checked soon when Bristol Lexus service it in December, using a 4-wheel alignment. So my question is because of the handbook recommendation to do a reset after new fitments but can I hell as find a button to reset the system. I am reading pagre487 - 7.3 in the manual... "■ How to initialize the tire pressure warning system Park the vehicle in a safe place and turn the power switch off. Initialization cannot be performed while the vehicle is moving. Adjust the tire inflation pressure to the specified cold tire inflation pressure level. (P. 604) Make sure to adjust the tire pressure to the specified cold tire inflation pressure level. The tire pressure warning system will operate based on this pressure level. Turn the power switch to ON mode. Press and hold the tire pressure warning reset switch until the tire pressure warning light blinks slowly 3 times. Wait for a few minutes with the power switch in ON mode and then turn the power switch off." There is also an illustration that shows a reset button somewhere between the underside of the steering column and the pedals but I cannot find this. Any ideas please?
  6. Thank you to Steve for the courtesy of your welcoming words, as I have just joined in a month ago. I've had my 2017 RC 300h F Sport for 6 weeks now and like it very much, it does exactly what was promised beforehand and gives me 40-55mpg in conjunction with adequate GT driving capability. We visit our daughter 95 miles away along the M4 near Reading every other weekend and it cruises beautifully at 75-80 with a lovely cabin environment and fabulous seats, very reminiscent of Recaro seats I've had in the past. As lively mid-seventies pensioners now and without any dependants to ferry around these days, we do not need a Land Rover HSE anymore but do need something sensible and yet good to look at and and to be comfortable in. My halcyon days of Jaguar XJR, Audi S8, BMW7V8 are past us now, I can go back further to having owned a Lotus Carlton in 1994 and a Sierra Cosworth 500 in 1988, all great fun then but not appropriate today. And big bikes, 3 V-Max and an unrestricted Hayabusa, between 1998 and 2004. I have eventually read through the manuals and almost mastered the various detailed explanations but I am struggling with the reset of the tyre pressure indicator system. Perhaps someone can help me? This car has the OE Dunlop Sport Maxx 050 fitment running at recommended pressure plus 1 PSI. The RC forum makes decent reading and I look forward to exchanging ideas and experiences.