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  1. Yes I agree as well. Maybe a fluke? I do wish to check it out though.
  2. Narrowing down on this one : Any thoughts? A deal of 5K a good one? If it passes the professional check?
  3. A very bery big thank you to everyone who has helped me here. Even though I am new, did not expect the level of support shown. Hope to get an IS soon (in 2 weeks) and join you guys full time. 🙂 PS: First time car buyer Q - I see members here checking the MOT history as well, where can I do that?
  4. Thank you for the detailed post, I do intend to pay someone to check it out.
  5. Thanks for the tips, helps a lot. I too had the same E46 2001 with the dreaded P0171/4 codes which pretty much stayed with me till I owned it LOL! Anyway, so what do you think about Here ? Is this a ok deal?
  6. Hi friends, After a lot of thought, I have decided to get a used IS250 here in the UK as i was looking for a car for about 4-5k (Automatic) which will be used to teach my wife how to drive ( learning) and also I could use to do all errands. (I don't need one for work anymore, thanks COVID) Thought I may use it occasionally for highway runs. Looking at autotrader and FB, I could see that IS250 models (2007-2010) which are about 80-110k miles are available for the price that I am looking for. Some even SE-L models though they are priced a little higher than £5K.Like Here. I was hoping you guys here could give me some light over a few questions I had. 1. What is the current market price for such cars right now? How much can I bargain without offending the seller? I just want an honest price that's all, not hunting for the best deal out there. 2. If I get one with about 90-100K miles, what are some issues I need to look out for and things I need to replace? I had an BWM E46 with 125K miles and the junker was falling apart everywhere. 3. Can I replace the stock head unit with an android auto head unit, any quality recommendations?