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  1. Yes, thanks for the tip. I will contact a independent service guy near me and get it done soon.
  2. Finally got a late 2005 IS250 SE with 65000 miles on it, paid just over 3500 for it. The body and Interior were in really nice condition and No advisories on MOT throughout its life. Seems to have been a Loaner/Demo car (at least that's the story the seller said). Drives smooth on the highway. When I reverse, the brakes make noise, and in really slow maneuvering, when i apply brakes slowly while turning left, the steering runs to that side, I think its the sticky brakes, will get it done on the next service as the rear rotors have anyway developed a lip. Just observed a very odd thing. I drove it down after buying it for about 200KM and then once I was back home at the garage I stopped and put it into reverse and all the lights on the dash lit up like an Xmas tree. Everything was still running and all... Stopped the car and started it back up and it was normal again. (????) Did not happen again till now, but will keep an eye out.
  3. Thanks for helping me out. Given this situation would, how much would you shell out for this car realistically?
  4. Also there was black soot on my fingers and a little bit oily when I tested the exhaust. Hmm...
  5. Thanks for that. I am basing my buying decision on it. How much would it cost to replace the exhaust if needed at some point.
  6. The body work and Everything was good. I noticed that the panel gaps or edges near the bonnet and fender area were a little off but I guess that is expected. I took pics however. The deal breaker was when I took a look under the car rear. Take a look at it for yourself, maybe you guys would have some feedback. Regards.
  7. I went to see this one today : 250&sort=relevance&postcode=so151ge&include-delivery-option=on&year-to=2020&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&advertising-location=at_cars&page=1 It was in a good shape overall untill I took a look under the rear. The exhaust pipe which splits into 2 is rusting out. I think its an expensive job. Any suggestions?
  8. Yes I agree as well. Maybe a fluke? I do wish to check it out though.
  9. Narrowing down on this one : Any thoughts? A deal of 5K a good one? If it passes the professional check?
  10. A very bery big thank you to everyone who has helped me here. Even though I am new, did not expect the level of support shown. Hope to get an IS soon (in 2 weeks) and join you guys full time. 🙂 PS: First time car buyer Q - I see members here checking the MOT history as well, where can I do that?
  11. Thank you for the detailed post, I do intend to pay someone to check it out.
  12. Thanks for the tips, helps a lot. I too had the same E46 2001 with the dreaded P0171/4 codes which pretty much stayed with me till I owned it LOL! Anyway, so what do you think about Here ? Is this a ok deal?
  13. Hi friends, After a lot of thought, I have decided to get a used IS250 here in the UK as i was looking for a car for about 4-5k (Automatic) which will be used to teach my wife how to drive ( learning) and also I could use to do all errands. (I don't need one for work anymore, thanks COVID) Thought I may use it occasionally for highway runs. Looking at autotrader and FB, I could see that IS250 models (2007-2010) which are about 80-110k miles are available for the price that I am looking for. Some even SE-L models though they are priced a little higher than £5K.Like Here. I was hoping you guys here could give me some light over a few questions I had. 1. What is the current market price for such cars right now? How much can I bargain without offending the seller? I just want an honest price that's all, not hunting for the best deal out there. 2. If I get one with about 90-100K miles, what are some issues I need to look out for and things I need to replace? I had an BWM E46 with 125K miles and the junker was falling apart everywhere. 3. Can I replace the stock head unit with an android auto head unit, any quality recommendations?