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  1. Yes. I will definitely update this topic once I know more! Also so other people having this problem will know what to do. Unfortunately they're closed on a sunday so I'll just have to be patient for now I suppose.
  2. The Netherlands. I have not looked into that yet, but there might be some places. Thank you anyway. I do know there's plenty of places specializing in transmissions as well, so.
  3. Sadly, you are very much right. But I'm planning on keeping this one for as long as possible obviously, so they'll have to change the fluid alright haha. I am pretty positive that what you said (http://www.agcoauto.com/content/news/p2_articleid/203) is the problem I'm having. I have contacted them about it. Thank you.
  4. Hahah I see now, I'm blind! Damn. Yes, it has always been fully Lexus serviced in its life (I am the 3rd owner). I wonder why they haven't replaced it sooner seeing as it has been so well maintained otherwise. Thank you, I will contact them about this.
  5. It has about 130k kilometers (about 80k miles). As far as I can see in the service history, nothing has been changed. Will definitely look into the torque converter shudder.
  6. Afternoon fellow IS200 owners, Never posted here since I've never had any issues with my 2003 IS200 (testament to its quality I suppose) until now: for a few weeks now, when the (auto) gearbox shifts from 3rd to 4th gear there is a weird vibration noise/feeling. It only lasts about half a second but it shakes the entire car and it's really noticeable. It sounds and feels as if you're driving over one of those cattle grids on backroads. Only after this .5 second event it will shift into the 4th gear. The weird thing is that it only does this sometimes, purely at random under normal (not even hard) acceleration AND only from 3rd to 4th gear. We haven't been able to find the problem and I don't really want to yank out the entire thing just yet before I know what might be the problem. I tried searching this issue on both Google and this forum but haven't been succesful, plus it's so difficult to exactly describe. Does anybody here have the slightest idea of what I'm talking about or have experienced this with their IS? Please let me know!