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  1. Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately we have to consider our MOT shortly.
  2. Thanks. I believe a Catloc for the RX450H is in development, but not yet to market. Other garages have been mentioned on this forum, who provide their own bespoke welded plate solution. However, I am nervous of altering the car in this way and hoped someone may have feedback on this. Because the converters are being targeted on the RX, we are reluctant to pay for a replacement and expose ourselves to likely future theft. It is prevalent in our area. I am in touch with Lexus customer services who have been wonderful, but are currently unable to provide a solution like they have developed for the RX400. With thanks, Emily
  3. We recently had our catalytic converter stolen from our 2011 RX450h. Has anybody else had a catalytic converter stolen from an RX450h? Has anybody had an effective Catloc fitted on an RX450h? I understand there are some garages which do this bespoke service. With thanks.