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  1. I used Lexus Centre in Chester who have maintained the car for the last 3 years. Not sure about the Lexus blog, I was told by Lexus UK in one of my many email communications. My battery was just out of warranty but continuous pressure on Lexus Uk by myself and the Service Centre secured a new battery. I do not have a Handbook for the model I have and have continuously requested a correct one, if the information was in the handbook why would Lexus UK put the information on the blog?
  2. The problem with my Lexus battery was sorted by a Lexus Centre yesterday and the problem was a dead cell. It was explained to me that the ‘starting’ battery has only that function, starting the engine, - after that the computer and other batteries take over the management for running the car .... this includes charging the main ‘starting’ battery. Lexus uk stated that they had posted information on their blog as to how to ensure that the problem of risking a flat battery could be eliminated by starting the car and letting it run for about an hour in a stationary position. Unfortunately, unless you went on to their blog then you would have been none the wiser, since no general information was received, - well not by me anyhow. The Lexus centre have been magnificent, whilst Lexus Uk were not really helpful.
  3. Not a problem John. The thing about the problem with my battery was that it initially went flat during lockdown, but I was running the engine at least twice a week for around 15mins each time and moving it to and fro to release brakes. Only 30k on the clock now, of which 1k was done since lockdown. So very disappointed, although I know its something that can need changing. Bosch batteries give 4 year warranty. Not sure about the Panasonic (same as yours it looks like)
  4. Of course John, but the handbook I was given was an RX 450 manual, however it would not have made any difference because, as I said, would not have been able to get jump leads there anyhow !😁
  5. Thanks Peter, had a look now, located opposite side to the automatic boot opener - had been looking for one - it was covered with black dirt. Very useful to know so it can be charged - problem was I could only access under the bonnet because I could only get the leads to the front of the car (in driveway). Thank you very much, Lexus never mentioned it when I had the problem 👍
  6. Thanks for your response, Yes, I did, and my reply asked why they say to do that in the manual if it harms the battery .... not had a response as yet 👍
  7. Very interesting, I have had the same problem on my 2017 Gs 300h, and since you cannot open the boot to access the battery, I have had to jump start it a few times. Lexus Customer Relations informed me that I may have damaged the battery by jump starting. How else is one meant to start the engine? I have seen that certain batteries have a warranty of 4 years, (Bosch for instance) do not know what it is on the same Panasonic battery that you mention. Lexus seems to be washing their hands of the problem. Anyone else had the same problem with this model?