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  1. One of the Lexus mechanics said it could be adjusted 🙂 am I answering my own question? yes. But it might help others
  2. Hello all Lexus lovers. I just bought Lexus RC200T 2016 F-Sport with 28,000 miles on the clock, replacing my totalled IS200T 2016 F-Sport. I have found so many weird things but one is very specific can't recall seeing anything like this on any car I've owned. When standing still with my foot on the brake(even foot brake on) and shifting from R-reverse to P-park, there is additional gear stick movement with a click which I assume is a parking pawl getting in it's place but never experienced it like it is on the video on my previous IS200t which is same engine and transmission or on any other automatic cars I've owned over 18 years. Anyone else have seen/experienced this? IMG_5795.MOV