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  1. I know that this post is old but... I own this car and i had problem with dpf till little conversation with diesel fan mech. If you look at rev display you can see little different detail opposite other 2.0 2.5 charged diesel, it is 5200 to red line when usually is 4500. 2000 to 2600 rev its peak of torque for this car so you need keep revs around 2600 and let engine keep that value while driving. If you keep peak of torque there is no longer needed to pushing gas pedal more that is needed to keep spin. From this moment you will start saving fuel and dpf will not be clogging any more [well its phisics]. I bought this car with clogged egr [cleaning first] and clogged dpf. But i've changed the style of driving keeping little more revs and all bad stuff gone. Engine is more responsivity and still have 1000 rpm to get 3600 and more. AEFSYW owner. 2600 is sweet spot when temp of gasses is able to burn soot and revs gives fun while driving. Sorry for my English.