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  1. A J, I have just noticed, not that I will be keeping either LC 500's, for 10 years...! The Warranty can be extended for up to 10 years or 140,000 miles... I don't know of any other car manufacturer that provides this... I think knowing this, alone, is a good reason to be driving a Lexus...! Kevin
  2. Hello Chris, It's good to know that you use Climate Concierge all the time. I have mine set, but need to drive the car more to appreciate it... But being Lexus, it no doubt works well... Hopefully by March, my wife and I have been vaccinated. And yes, I hope to be driving more and will keep the Coupe. My wife and I are lucky to be living in Cornwall, but we both are being very careful to avoid catching COVID. My wife has MS and I had a serious helicopter accident in 2011, and my immune system has been weakened... I will need a Cat 5 Tracker fitted to the convertible, for the Insurance, if it doesn't come with a Lexus one... Yes, I have a ceramic coating put on all my cars, wether new or used... I will ask the Lexus dealer to sort it before it is brought down... The best coating I have had was Gardx, that my Bentayga had, that I bought in Northern Ireland. Living where we are, there are lots of seagulls that splatter our vehicles, if left out, which we wash off as soon as we can...!
  3. I was wondering if you received my message Malcolm. You should have received an email, which is sent by the Lexus Owners Club, which you can reply to, and both of our private email address's, remain secure. Kevin
  4. Yes, I totally agree Chris. The trackpad takes a few trips out in the car to get to know what to do with it... It's very much like changing to Apple computers, the way you think it works, is the right way...! The BMW i drive system is probably one of the easier infotainment systems to learn quickly... But as you say the LC 500 system is fine... Do you use Climate Concierge...? I have recently bought a Honda e, and you have to read the owners manual, slowly, to learn about it...! The other very good youtube reviews on the Coupe, and the Convertible, have been done by Redline reviews...
  5. Hello Chris, Yes, I think savagegeese said in one of his reviews, that the suspension had also been changed in the 2020 coupe, and was better. I am enjoying my 2018 coupe. The rear wheel steering is noticeable, and the ride is very nice... and the noise is terrific...! I look forward to March. Hopefully my Lexus Link will soon show that it's being built...! What's your thoughts having seen the youtube review that savagegeese did...?
  6. Dear Malcolm, Thanks for your kind words regarding my wife. I have sent you a message. Kevin
  7. Hello Chris, Its great to hear from a Forum member that has driven a convertible...! You are the first...! savagegeese does several youtube reviews of cars. He has done a 44 minutes review of the Coupe, and a 14 minute review of the Convertible... @ 8 minutes he comments about how much nicer the ride is in the convertible... He says that anyone with a severe case of haemorrhiods, the convertible will be your dream car...! Fortunately, I don't have haemorrhiods, but I am still going to buy a convertible...! Did you find the ride any different / better than your coupe...? Thanks for the best wishes to my wife... I will let you know when I have the convertible... Kevin
  8. Chris, sorry to hear that Kent will be in tier 3 after Lockdown... I do little driving because I am a full time carer for my wife, who has MS... I am a retired Property Developer, but I am still building a couple of properties, adjacent to where I live. Can I ask, has your dealership took any orders for the convertible...? If you drove more miles, and didn't work unsociable hours... Would you want a Convertible...?
  9. Being curious Malcolm. Who sent you the message, mentioning reserving a convertible for the autumn...?
  10. Firstly, sorry to hear that your area will be in tier 2 after Lockdown... Bloody virus... Hopefully the vaccine sorts it, for all of us, as soon as possible... I bought my LS400 and SC430 from Lexus Plymouth in 2000. I think the dealership has changed owners probably 4 to 5 times since then... They are now owned by Snows, but now only do servicing and parts... I emailed Exeter on 1st November, regarding a convertible, and got back the following... Dear Kevin, Thank you for your enquiry. I am Gregory from Lexus Exeter, and I'd be delighted to help you. You can pre-order now with a £5000 deposit. The car should be here toward the end of spring (April - May) Thank you again for your enquiry and I look forward to speaking to you soon. Yours sincerely, Gregory Waddington Sales Executive Lexus Exeter Lexus Edinburgh said March to me, and I trust them. So Maybe Hedge End have some orders...? I never asked if they were getting a Convertible for customers to test drive, and also didn't ask if they had taken any orders. I also have little hair left!, but I have had a couple of Mercs, and 3 BMW's that had air scarf's fitted... The BMW M4 Convertible was a good car... Occasionally, but not often, I used to drive them with the roof down and the electric heated seat and air scarf on. Did your SL500 have heated air scarfs...? The main reason I have ordered a Convertible is that several youtube reviews, in particular the review by savagegeese, say that the suspension has been modified, and is a better ride than the coupe. I find my coupe to be typical Lexus, very comfortable...! But if Lexus can improve the ride, the Convertible is on my list of cars to have...! I am not to bothered how often the roof is down. My wife likes the AC on, and will try and stop me putting the roof down in convertibles that I have owned... Women and their hair...! I look forward to hearing if Hedge End can get a convertible and you get to drive it... Be good to read your post on the Forum...
  11. Interesting post Malcolm. Do you know if Hedge End have taken any orders for a Convertible...? I think there are probably several orders at various UK dealers. They have probably been ordered by people that have several cars...!? I see that you had a DB9, have you had any/many convertibles...? Attached is the spec of the one I have ordered... I have had several convertibles, and I think the LC 500 Convertible's youtube reviews, tell me that it will be a great car, irrespective of the time of year, and what the weather is...! Convertible Spec.pdf
  12. I have just spoken to Lexus Edinburgh, and they have confirmed my Convertible should be in the UK in March. The sales guy I am dealing with, also said he thought there would be few Lexus dealers, if any, that will have a Convertible for test driving etc. Because dealers probably wouldn't be able to take one into stock, because Convertibles coming to the UK, will probably be sold before they arrive in the UK...! I am surprised that no-one else has posted that they have ordered one... I think I will enjoy mine, in all weathers...! KW
  13. No, it's not too long winded at all... It gave me some time looking at youtube... Mat Watson's carwow comparison of the two BMW's was interesting, as was his review of the Lexus UX... 50+ MPG from the Lexus UX...! I agree that the BMW i drive system is very good. I have had it in several BMW's... But I am, like yourself, getting used to the trackpad in the Lexus... Decisions, decisions...! I would probably have a 2nd Lexus... KW
  14. I agree, there are probably several orders for the Convertible. Many potential buyers are probably waiting to see the car at a Lexus dealer... I remember that I had the 1st BMW i8 in Cornwall, in January 2015, because I ordered one after watching several reviews on youtube... Before BMW dealers had one in their showrooms... I have ordered a Convertible because there are several reviews on youtube, that are all very good... Lexus Scotland tell me that mine is still their only order... I think potential buyers who are waiting to see, and touch, the Convertible, will have a very long wait if they order one... KW