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  1. LIke others on this thread I haven't found such a command. Can you be more specific than just Handbook John?
  2. So EJ if you start up and once the display settles then Press the menu button you see the various options including navigation. Select navigation with the pad control. Once in navigation then press the Home button. For me this then shows the navigation screen as the bigger display alongside the two smaller displays, radio and lane warning in my case. I get the feeling that the last option you went into then press Home defaults to showing in the larger display. perhaps I am wrong.
  3. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but I couldn't track this down as a thread subject. I find it difficult to read information such as street names on my 7inch screen using the Lexus navigator. The thin black wording on white background is very unclear for me and yes I do wear specs and can read most other information displayed. Has anyone identified a way to adjust this display format i.e. change the colours of the text or the display style on the Nav screen? I do have google maps / android auto which is a clearer alternative but it would be nice to use the cars features someti
  4. Thanks Colin and others for there responses. I get it now and will ignore the feature. Just moving the car out the drive in electric as an example seems pointless and I invariably drive slow past schools and the EV mode is normally engaged automatically anyway. Cheers, Barry
  5. Hello Peter, yes that's my vehicle. I've never been able to enable this mode however careful I have been driving unless it only works at such a slow speed its of no use. The range thing perplexes me, how does it know how far I am going to drive? Its not the end of the world but seems a pointless option. My neighbour's Outlander hybrid seems happy to be driven in this mode. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Can anybody advise what this button is for? Every time I press it thinking I can drive just in electric mode it just tells me EV is not available or not enough range or something. I guess there is something in the manual about this but I blowed if I can find anything. Thanks!
  7. My late December 2020 UX has had no such problems. It has been back to the dealer under warranty for the sun roof not closing in this time though. I've done around 1200 miles.
  8. I wasn't able to do this either Mark. Number noted to call when I can be bothered. 😄
  9. Hello Arturo from another recent new owner.
  10. How good is blue jumping up through the tailgate! 😄
  11. I got the moon roof option and that brightens up an otherwise dark interior.
  12. Yea I got them free when I picked up mine. A sup towards the delivery delays. Wish they said about this earlier as I purchased some non-Lexus mud flaps and a rubberised boot mat prior so now stuck with them. I think the flaps that were fitted look right on the car, you may be able to see them on pictures I posted on my thread from last year as a new potential owner. The Lexus boot mat isn't up to much, feels cheaper than the non-lexus one and doesn't quite fit i.e. turns up on the edges but hey it was free. Hope you are pleased tomorrow, not done 1000 miles yet in mine. Just one problem the mo
  13. What date did it arrive in port Mark? Just over a month till I got mine after it had landed. Barry
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