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  1. Nice, so you won't need my spare rubber boot liner and mud guards I was going to offer you at a great price if they are throwing in the adventure pack! 😄
  2. Congratulations Mark. All the best with your order experience, mine is well documented here. The saving grace for me was how much effort went into making sure I was finally happy after quite some delay with little extras folded in complimentary. You may have to encourage them on that front if it happens to you but hopefully not necessary. You went for the Mercury grey and white ash in the end? Which model?
  3. I have an annoying wife to Eggie, we all have our crosses to bare! 😉
  4. Thanks for your comments Paul and Mark. Cheers, Barry
  5. Finally some pictures of my recent purchase.
  6. Well I thought you were all wondering did he ever get his UX? It finally arrived at my dealer at the weekend and I picked it up yesterday. So far very pleased with my experience with the vehicle albeit very early days. I must credit Hedge End after my frustrating ordering experience. The vehicle was Diamond coated (FOC), first service free, Mud guards fitted (FOC), rubber boot liner supplied (FOC) and rubber floor mats (FOC). The salesman did a fine job of anticipating all the multitude of settings you can set up on the vehicle and ran through them with me which just left me my specific tastes
  7. Hello Maurice, my experience is this. Order date 31/07/2020. I was told by my dealer to expect delivery at the beginning of October with the hope of some improvement. Actual date I will pick it up is 22/12/2020 assuming no further glitches. I'm not impressed, the vehicle arrived in Bristol harbour on the 20/11/2020 then disappeared up Toyota HQ in Derbyshire until now with me chasing both the dealer and Lexus UK customer relations on a regular basis to speed things up. May be I'm just unlucky.
  8. H if you decide on a Lexus don't order one, pick one off the forecourt. Mine arrived on a boat on the 20th November then got lost in the system. After much escalation from myself they have found it and I MIGHT get it before Christmas. I'm not holding my breath. Cheers, Barry
  9. Hello Brent, i popped in Lidl earlier today and found the same as you, there were a couple of unpackaged £5 ones but no sign of the £12 99p ones. There was a huge plasticy one for £9 99p which looked like it would cover the rear of a Range Rover floor to ceiling but would look very untidy in my view. I think I've decided to make do with the cheaper small one and see how it fits when I get my car. Thanks again for your replies. Barry
  10. I'd be cautious with that March delivery date given my experience with a conventional UX order from Japan. A two and half month slide to the right from the first date given to me so far. Nice colour by the way. Cheers Barry
  11. Ah so I might have picked up the wrong one Brent? Not having my car yet to try it for fit made it a gamble purchase albeit very cheap one. I was hoping for some feedback on here to see if I had the right one so many thanks. I might pop in again next week in case there are the larger ones still there and do an exchange. Thanks, Barry
  12. Boot space is mentioned by Chris above. I posted something on this on another thread and got no reaction. Perhaps people didn't see it? I was hoping it might be helpful and of course welcome any experiences UX owners have had with this product if I have purchased the right one from Lidl. Thanks, Barry
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