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  1. LPG systems need their own injectors leaving the petrol injectors insitu for petrol (different specific gravities).
  2. Getting to be about time for new discs on the RX300. Are Lexus discs the only realistic option, or are there Toyota branded parts that would be just as good, but cheaper?
  3. Update (belated!) Been running the RX on lpg for nigh on 3 months now. As Autogas is defunct nowadays I was initially a little concerned that there would be no map of lpg outlets nor an app. However, I have been guided to an app - - which is excellent. Shows you locations in your area wherever you are, price at the pump when last confirmed, date pump was last confirmed as used by an app user. Lets you confirm, and change, retail price with one click whenever you fill up anywhere. I'm pleased with it. Have only run out of lpg once, ran on petrol for 40 miles or so.
  4. I found a guy up in Yorkshire a couple of years ago who was a good engineer and would tailor-make a system, but I used a guy in Manchester that I've known as a customer for years. I trust his work although he's solely BRC. Too far to the Yorkshire guy for me this time. So I've got a BRC system with the electronic lubrication system fitted alongside. I picked it up yesterday morning. In the evening, after Tae Kwon Do, it wouldn't start. Turned over busily but no hint of firing. Oh, how I cursed Karl (lpg fitter guy). So I called Green Flag and settled down to wait/freeze. Finally I worked out it was a problem with my key! Got the spare out - fortunately had it with me - and vroom, vroom, off we went. Sorry Karl for doubting you.
  5. Shell have officially declared they are decommissioning LPG pumps on their forecourts. The independents aren't affected. My nearest is an independent, and there's Cheshire Gas's outlet in Stockport that was always 5p/L cheaper. And I know pumps in Leek, Congleton, Sheffield of course. Motorway Service Stations have pumps (expensive of course) and the majority of them aren't Shell. Loss of the parochial Shell sites won't be a problem, just removes the extra convenience they offered. May even help the remaining independents by increasing their turnover. I'm feeling positive: maybe I've turned into an optimist....? 🙂
  6. Booked in at my guy for this morning. Strike whilst the iron is hot etc. He knows what he's doing. Will fit the Italian system. I have a 24 hour lpg pump 300 yards from me. Operated by a coded key individual to each customer. I am concerned about the decline in lpg users recently and in the near future as regards number of outlets that will close but on balance I still think it will work for me. At 10K miles a year break even point is 12.5 months
  7. I had hopes that overall I would see significantly better fuel economy compared to the RX300 as the hybrid system should help on cold start up and the hills which start from our house. Expected recharge significantly on the downhills on the way home. All a bit moot now: going down the lpg path again.
  8. Good replies all. Thanks. I'm thinking Herbie has likely nailed it. I was considering an LPG conversion after I'd got an RX400 anyway. I have had two cars converted before, one was a Volvo V70 T5 bought at 165,000 miles and 3 years old - ex police car - and the other was a BMW 545i bought from a friend who'd had it from new. The Volvo did 100K miles on lpg with me, then another 30K with a friend who bought it off me. The BMW did 50K on the lpg but died from sucking water into the engine in a deceptive ford in Norfolk. Interestingly, the BMW had a water seal go just behind the water pump. Cheap part, expensive repair necessitating the engine coming out and both heads off: the combustion chambers and piston crowns were bright silver, no carbon anywhere, and there was no discernible step on the shoulders of the bore. Engine looked like new, after 87K miles with the previous owner then 50K miles on lpg with me. I'm a fan. Considering the RX is a workhorse for me and I have some other car for performance then the leisurely pace of the RX needn't factor into my decision. I currently have an S600 L BiTurbo (520bhp so 'sprightly' 😊) and before that I had an E55K. I'm selling the S600L at the moment - well, advertising it, hopefully selling it - and intend to get a Jaguar XJ Super V8 next.
  9. I have a 2003 RX300, had it for a year. Bought it because I wanted to get rid of my van and get a nice car and a walk-in box trailer that I could transport furniture in on the odd occasion I need to (I'm a furniture restorer). The RX has totally won me over. It's been as bullet-proof as it's reputation suggested. It's comfortable, decent ride, nice to drive, well equipped, always a pleasure to drive. I'm a convert. Now, the only fly in the ointment is that I get an average of 19mpg regularly (living in the High Peak), and get 17mpg towing (trailer or caravan). I like the idea of the hybrid as it will make a huge difference I'd think to my 4 mile, hilly commute to work, and I'd hope to get nearer to 30mpg average as opposed to my current 19mpg average. Also I DO like tech! My budget for an RX400h is likely to be nearer £4000 than £5000 unfortunately, so I'm thinking around 2005MY, 120-140Kmiles probably. My question to all you knowledgeable Lexus aficionados is: Is the battery likely to need replacing soon in a car of that age? I had read that 10 years is a good lifespan for the batteries.
  10. I had one fitted to my RX300. Not got a problem with it. Guess it depends on who's fitting it.
  11. I have an RX300 (2004). I towed my caravan recently (1300kg) and I regularly tow a twin axle box trailer. It copes without a problem. Averages 17-18mpg when towing the caravan. I'm very pleased with it, though I'm considering an RX400h for a bit more power and a bit more mpg.
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