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  1. It's first for me, I was worried as something major might be wrong with car but now know it's common :) It does make me embarrassed if someone is sitting in the passenger seat lol but thanks God it doesn't in higher speed like turning in roundabouts!
  2. Oh intresteting, I never had this experience on my IS300h or RC300h only with RCF but glad to know it's kinda normal not a problem with my car 😁
  3. My tyres are Michelin Super Sport S, do you think if I change to something else I won't experience much?
  4. Thanks mate I was thinking to contact local dealership, but once car gets warmer I don’t notice it :)
  5. Hi everyone hope you guys are fine 🙂 A question to RCF owners: I noticed whenever I start the car cold in mornings if I have to and while locking the steering wheel to either left or right direction for a u turn in stationary position the front tyres are making a weird pops sound as if they are locked and not moving at all they slip instead of moving never had this experience with my RC 300h, I haven’t experienced any vibration in national speeds so it’s not the alignment of wheels but don’t know.. Does anyone have or had same problem? I haven’t noticed this when whether was warmer thoug
  6. 😂 thanks mate appreciate it, yes we can barely see it I will call Twickenham dealership today to order it, cheers!
  7. Do you recommend Lexus one or it’s a pass?
  8. I was told RCF ones are not as aggressive as ISF by H&S but good for you guys 😀
  9. Thanks mate, does it set well or you think Lexus one sets a little big and annoys you while driving?
  10. With Xpipe if you want the c63 sound I reckon but hey Contact Ian. Agree if I had an ISF H&S is the one I would go too period, man that burble of V8 in ISF with H&S system is the one to go with. And it’s life time warranty for the original owner what more you want 😉
  11. Thanks mate for sharing it however I couldn’t spot it from the pic 😃 cheers!
  12. Congrats mate and welcome back. I was in touch with Ian from H&S for a silencer for my RCF, I did checked the vids on YouTube and love that C63 type noise so I asked him and was told only for ISF with xpipe we can have that aggressive noise and don’t have such system for an RCF 😞 so I went for Quicksilver.
  13. Great stuff mate 😂 any chance of posting a few pics to show where they put the dash cam and how neat is the wiring? is it just front or back too? hearing from you really tempted me to go with Lexus one :)
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