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  1. Many thanks for letting me know this. I'd like to keep the car on the road, if it makes sense to do that. So I'll check this out. Cheers, Bill
  2. Hi all, well the Toyota dealer has had a good look. The tester that looked at the car 18 months ago no longer works there. The engineer who did the visual check confirmed some findings of the MOT tester (at a different garage) when it was inspected in September. He over-ruled some and found one or two new ones. Long story short, this car needs £2000 to get past the MOT - much of which are the high cost parts. So I am planning to dispose of it. Its a great car - serviced and very clean. So I am open to offers and hope an enthusiast would like to take it on and keep it on the road. If any member wants to get in touch they are very welcome to get in touch here. I'll add some pictures shortly.
  3. Many thanks - I had a more helpful discussion with the Toyota dealer that did the MOT in 2019 and they are going to take a look and offer a view. I'll share some pictures when its been on the ramp. If it is a case of a tester getting carried away this might be helpful to share with other owners.
  4. Hi, the vehicle was tested in 11/03/2019 - by Somerset County Cars (Toyota dealers), at 79,868 miles and passed - with advisories on brake pipe corrosion, rear brake backing plate corrosion and service brake binding (not excessive) Then tested at Stanbury Motors, Dulverton on 07/09/2020 with 84980 miles and failed on brake pad wear but also subframe mounting corrosion on near and offside rear, brake disc wear and brake pipe corroded. All fails plus a further six advisories. So something has gone wrong. The Toyota dealers are more likely to know the cars and I think they have been more relaxed on some points, than the other garage. I could ask the Toyota dealers for a second opinion. I am surprised the cars condition has deteriorated so much with barely 5000 miles (it sat for week undriven during Lockdown)
  5. Hi I own a very clean IS200, 2003 silver, exmoor black upholstery, with just 80k on the clock and its second owner. The MOT this year brought up rear sub-frame corrosion issues that hadn't been flagged in previous years and its failed. Before I scrap it, can anyone recommend a repairer in the West Somerset / North Devon area to take a look at it. Parts for required will be pricey too, so interested in what other members have done - sourcing parts for these cars. Happy to discuss the details - but ideas, suggestions very welcome here. Thank you