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  1. However, the following should be heeded: Ideally retro-fitted DRL should be installed such that they activate automatically when the engine starts and switch off when headlamps are turned on. If this is not the case then you must ensure that you manually turn DRL off at night as they will cause dazzle and discomfort to others if used in low ambient lighting conditions. Taken from
  2. This provides positional information for DRLs:
  3. You have not specified what exactly is your difficulty so it's difficult to suggest options. If it's reach then there are adjusters (in car or on headlight depending on spec). If it's positioning then maybe the lights need adjustment resulting from accident damage/poor reinstallation? If it's brightness then apart from changing the bulbs there's little than can be done. Bulb replacement is a minefield of marketing bull/illegal options. Can you fit lights in the grille? No, I don't think the UK law allows that; I can't recall the specifics but you have to have front lights spaced apart. You also cannot use fog lights unless visibility is impaired [by fog].
  4. What exactly are you trying to solve? Dipped beam reach/spread/positioning? The CT has reasonable lights as standard.
  5. Surely it’s a phone/Bluetooth connection/configuration issue? Maybe the Bluetooth stack on the CT and phone have issues? Try another phone?
  6. I never expected anything other than just a map update as I read up on others' experiences and they said you get just that. Thus, I didn't bother going to Lexus for mine. They can service the car but they (and all manufacturers that do the same) can think again if they think their mapping updates are worthy of such a cost! The sat nav in the car is rarely used as the ubiquitous Google Maps is just better. It is however a decent fallback solution when needed.
  7. If your profile is correct and it is a 2011, you could save save a few £’s and get a Lexus Essentials Major service.
  8. I believe that revision of hardware needs a Lexus dealer to do an update. Something about a secondary USB behind the glovebox - can’t exactly recall the details. The next revision (fitted to the 2013 model) can definitely be done as I have done it myself via a code/download from eBay. You have to provide your media unit id as maps are locked to a specific device. For reference, it takes ages (hours) and you end up with more recent maps rather than a better system.
  9. All maps supplied in this manner (offline) are out of date so you need to adjust your expectation.
  10. Hi I'm after a set in good condition if anyone has pulled a set out of a previous car, etc. They're way too expensive to purchase new 😐 Thanks in advance!
  11. I'm not sure there's anything much available that would interest us. One thing I don't like is the black plastic door kick plates so I might get something to make those look better. Not done any interior shots - it's black leather so nothing particularly interesting.
  12. 2012 registered (2013 spec), 46K and looks good underneath (referring to my other posts). Paintwork needs some work but it's pretty good as is. Cleans up nice 🙂
  13. Picked up a CT, 2012 registered Premier, yesterday; it looks much nicer underneath 🙂
  14. Can't help with specifics but a card reader will be an off the shelf item and thus very repairable. Of course "which exact shelf" will require you to pull the unit out and see what's what 😕 If you've just cracked the solder joints from the reader to the PCB then it's a simple fix but if you've broken the PCB then it depends if it's multi-layered and how bad it's broken.
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