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  1. I see Kingspan and Mercerdes have parted company.
  2. Aye i mentioned in the thread earlier regarding the emphasis on tyre management and their degragation
  3. Which car is better suited to next race.
  4. Anyone see that news report on the BBC this morning. It was dedicated to JAPAN and in particular Toyota and the mirami (have i spelt that right) and howJAPAN is moving to Hydrogen. They mentioned how it was produced i think they showed a coal fired power station as well. I dont know if you could catch this on catch up, it was bbc1 news.
  5. Ha Ha yeah i had a golf and there was a big swoosh went i turned a corner as though the shopping bags were shifting from one side to other in the boot LOL.
  6. Agree Paul. Max appeared to Brake test Lewis as he said over car radio. Incident packed race though. Pleased to see Bottas took 3rd.
  7. Well this Kingspan sponsorship at Mercerdes has caused a bit of a stir.
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