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  1. I start of with a rinse with the hosepipe on spray gets the bits off. A bucket of water with autoglym conditioning shampoo wash all over. Then rinse of with the spray hosepipe. Dry off with a drying cloth currently using an auto finesse one. Job done. In spring after drying i give it a coat of autoglym extra gloss protection and the same again in autumn. The extra gloss protection is very good on the alloys as well stops the brake dust building up as quick and makes them easier to clean. Done this for years.
  2. Welcome Mike looks a lovely vehicle im sure youll have many happy journeys. Im booked in for 2 trips to Cornwall next year (Crantock) its an annual pilgrimage. Looking forward to driving UX there cant wait to see how the hybrid handles the A30 with all them hills. Brent
  3. Thats very good advice John exactly what i did. Brent
  4. My UX purchased in Sept was made on 2nd March. Just installed latest map update it was 2020 V1. i spoke to Lexus connectivity this morning who informed there are two updates a year and the next update is due any time keep watching for update available. They said they dont get told when it will happen exactly. Brent
  5. Ive had the UX just short of a month now. It wasnt really dirty but this is something i always do soon as possible. It gives you the chance to have a closer look at the coachwork see if there are any noticeable defects. look at how the water runs off see where any drain points are and generally gives you much closer look at the car. I used just a couple of cap fulls of autoglymn conditioning shampoo nothing special and dried it of after a rinse. I was most suprised at the water run off excellent best ive had on a new car. It globuled well and nearly instantly run off apart from the roof it didnt take a lot to dry it very pleased. I wondered if Lexus cars came with a special finish treatment i didnt purchase the diamond finish. I would normally go over with extra gloss protection ive done this for years but the finish seemed that good i didnt bother. Brent
  6. Took delivery of my car late September 2020. After having quite a few conversations with the Lexus connectivity team. Struggled to activate the car. After they raised the issue with Lexus HQ, together after a few days we got the head unit recognized. I established also that Lexus do two map updates a year one around spring time then at start of autumn Sept etc. Got in the car yesterday to see on the display there is a new version of maps available click to download. Today i turned the car on and connected by wifi and downloaded and installed straight to the car took about an hour. At the end it said waiting for restart. I rung lexus connectivity up who didnt exactly know but got in touch with a manager who said stop the engine its done and when you start the vehicle it will be there. After a couple of hours went out and looked on display for version it was as pointed out on this thread that 2020 v1 is current and i think that was May time. I would have expected it to be 2020 v2 surely. Anyone know what version the latest one is. thanks Brent
  7. Does anyone know by looking at the Vin number on their UX what Year and Month the vehicle was made. I have googled how to and various sites tell you the structure how a Vin is produced. However im struggling to interpret my Vin produced by Lexus. Thanks in anticipation Brent
  8. Well some interesting replies here thanks. So reading your threads have i interpreted correctly by thinking the paddle shifters change the revs, and by simply easing off the accelerator or taking the foot off completely especially going downhill (like you would get going to Cornwall down the A30) . This would put regen energy back into the battery and you would be travelling in EV mode. This B mode thing confused me at first i thought is it braking. Colin then mentions this B mode is only available on the CT. So it isnt on the UX. By the way i have a confession i never use the paddle shifters and i never did in the Audi. Do you think i should. Brent
  9. Before i purchased the UX i watched a lot of you tube videos. One of them specifically mentioned using the steering wheel paddle shifters to achieve re generative braking putting power back to the vehicle. Got to be honest i didnt have a clue. My dealer when asked was a bit sceptical. On another thread on the UX forum i can see some have mentioned about the shifters but not putting energy back to vehicle. Be interested to know what your thoughts are. Brent
  10. Mercury Grey nice combo with the black wheel arches.
  11. If your commute is that short the engine will spend most of its time warming up, when injection computers richen the mixture like crazy to compensate for clumping fuel droplets that don't properly vaporise in the low temperatures of a cold engine. The UX warms up pretty quick, but even so, the first couple of miles will get terrible fuel economy. All joking aside, have you considered a bicycle...? Nick Yes Nick i have a bike and have gone to work on it for many years. In 2007 i had a quadruple heart bypass and last year i was diagnosed with COPD. My condition sees me use the bike less and less. No offence taken though i would love to go on the bike more the bike is a Claud Butler by the way Hybrid. Ive considered walking but it is to a remote location unlit and you cant be sure of what you would encounter in the dark of the night. Yes the UX does warm up very quickly. Brent
  12. Another way to download a manual of your choice (any vehicle) is to go to the Lexus uk website. Scroll down and on the left hand side of the page you will see owners. Click on there. Then scroll down and you will see the heading ABOUT MY LEXUS keep scrolling down this column and you will see owners manuals. Click on there then fill in the boxes for your vehicle then download. Hope this helps. Brent
  13. Ive not had my UX long done around 300 miles in total. If my memory serves me correctly i think the tank is 44 ltr. I havent filled up but kept it topped up with a premium fuel (shell V power). My commute is only a couple of miles and the onboard computer reading is 18mpg approx. If i go on a run say 20miles motorway and A roads it reads around 45-47. What i find interesting on this subject/thread is Colin Barbers post about driving in normal mode. This is exactly what my dealer said to me, just leave it normal. I'm enjoying the car by the way. Brent