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  1. Ian its the best CVT out there and the touchpad like you say you soon get used to it.
  2. Thanks for posting interesting read. The motoring journo,s i have found to be quite critical about lexus . I recently bought a UX and i love it and regarding that CVT drone they all mention what they dont say is its the best in the business. John@royoftherovers is spot on about them.
  3. Excellent post Dylan. Ive just done 2000 miles in my UX. Obviously mine isnt run in as yet but my mileage is no where near as good as you got but hopefully that will change especially in warmer weather. I too often wonder how long these infotainment head units screens etc will hold up for. The UX suits our demands and needs perfectly for space and comfort. We do a couple of trips to Cornwall every year so this year we will be lowering the rear seats to get more gear in. It will be interesting to see how it does on fuel, its only a small tank 44ltr. I can usually get down on a fill see how it
  4. Looking at those links it doesnt state it is compatable with the UX. Suitable for current generation CT, GS, IS, LC, LS, NX, RC and RX.
  5. Evening Barry if its any consolation my f sport Prem plus doesn't. I am pretty sure this feature was only on the Takumi.
  6. There is one road i go down. In one direction it shows 20 in the opposite direction same place it shows 30 ?
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