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  1. Thats what i feel Paul an on track incident.
  2. Next race in Jeddah favours The Mercs best of luck Lewis.
  3. Had mine over a year and hevent seen it come on.
  4. Jim im wondering if your pressing the wrong button.
  5. I see Bottas tops the speed ratings in practice but Red Bull say the rear diffuser giving the Mercs an unfair advantage they say they are scored.minutely. Max rubbed his hands over it at the last race i believe. In fact i think stewards had him in for this.
  6. ALAW


    Dave what Peter@nemesis mentions is correct. Yes it is bad luck. Could well be a fault. Interested to know where is the crack on the screen how long is it has it grown and has this second crack appeared in the same place.
  7. Looking at the last race and the FIA ruling on the was it 00.003 mm change of a rear spoiler i reckon i may be wrong but someone must have said something to someone at the FIA surely neither anyone of us would have noticed such a miniscule movement.
  8. My first introduction of savagegeese was when i watched all the youtube vids before i bought the UX very good i thought. I dont bother with top gear nowadays
  9. Anyone noticed more so this year they all look very closely at the tyre degredation. I cant get my head around all the tyre issues. It appears the timing of the pit stops for tyres is critical always was but more so now.
  10. I think 2 of the circuits favour the Mercs.
  11. what a victory for lewis today the drive of his life got to be. So much against him by the things that happened as though they dont want him to win the title again. Come on Lewis
  12. Bad parking creating the potential for emergencyservice delivery dely.
  13. Interesting Steve my UX is just over a year old and i have had a letter from my dealer requesting i make an appointment fora review part ofwhich is a P/xvalue.
  14. Welcome to the LOC
  15. Welcome Dave enjoythe forum
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