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  1. i disagree.. im currently using a +30 offset on all corners for my track rims. you will need to roll the guards pretty much all around the wheel well. they are even more perfect fit than a +40 offset. of course this depends on your camber settings. but i dont use anything overly too agressive. i do have a fairly suspension/sway bar setup too. having said that, i do use a +40 offset for 7.5 front and 8.5 rear.. and that offset is perfect setup for steet. pics of a +30 offset side view: front view:
  2. check the voltage settings for the sparkies...
  3. for those with a boost gauge.. do you find that boost is at .3bar and only goes to .4 bar in the last 2 hundred revs (6000-6200).. or if you have the pulley upgrade, boot is at .4bar and hits .5bar at the same rev range.. (done during flat foot)
  4. i use delphi 12 slot htsl fronts and 6 slots rear.. £500 with delphi rc front and zr rear pads... £300 maybe a little pricey.. but i use mine on circuit regularly..
  5. yes you ← instructions pls on tweaking the ecu.. ps. im using emanage right now and can't justify getting vpro at the moment..
  6. besides using a full race computer which allows to remove the rev limit.. what aftermarket options are people using? I'm not concerned about engine internals and the like, as this is sorted. thanks
  7. forgive my lack of terminology... but has anyone played around with the gears in the tte compressor? something on the lines of like when you change final gearing for your drivetrain, but instead, doing this with the compressor. i'm not interested in uprating the pulley either, i have done that.
  8. lol thats the pic I took of my engine pre-hoisted car is undergoing a full respray..
  9. heya dave.. any update for pricings on these?
  10. mark can you pm me total costs incl. shipping to syd, au. thanks
  11. nah i was commenting on dave's mention on the pulleys for those with s/c kits.. from what you're saying it won't include the tensioner.
  12. so the only difference between the s/c pulley kit and this kit should be the uprated pulley and the tensioner?
  13. hey dave.. id be interested in the bolts (red), bar, and hose
  14. Hi All, I have checked the is200 spec sheet.. it mentions the wheel base as 2670mm. Is this the same as the wheel track measurement? Wheel track measurement is the length from the middle of the left wheel to the middle of the right wheel. I think the wheel base measurement could be the length from the outer wheel to the other outer wheel. (not the middle). I just need this info as i am getting my car engineered for street compliance on the road with my proposed rim setup in oz. thanks
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