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  1. Look forward to seeing it in action! There are a couple of FSport bits I want on mine. Front end and interior. But just got to wait for them to come up cheap somewhere.
  2. I'll be interested in this when you figure it out mate. If you need a car to test on let me know 🙂
  3. So, from a very quick look, the connectors look the same, just in different locations. Got a few bits I want to sort first, but I may well give this a try.
  4. Thats really interesting! I will have a google see if I can find out if the plugs are the same on the back. Might be possible after all.
  5. Yeah, I figured so. I can imagine all the coding is handled by the ECU. So maybe possible if the ECU is swapped out. Probably cheaper buying an FSport lol
  6. Hi, has anyone fitted an FSport speedo cluster to a non FSport? I really like the moving part in the f sport and found one on ebay, but its very expensive and wouldn't want it to not work!
  7. I had a heated steering wheel in the courtesy ES from Lexus Leeds recently. It was lovely! Really missed it over the last few weeks! It all depends how much wiring is in place by default. If the wiring is there, its not a big job, you'll need the steering wheel and switch box.
  8. What a strange issue! At least its just in a secondary body part not actually structural! When I got my IS, I stripped all the boot seal off and cleaned everything as it was full of crud like yours. Glad my boot is nice and dry, when I start tidying my car up in spring, I'll be checking for this fault though! Glad you got to the bottom of it. Do you think your car could have been rear ended and that cause the crack?
  9. That really doesn't sound normal to me. Have you taken it on a big run, get it really hot? And when the engine is running, does the exhaust steam? I'd be tempted to take it to another Lexus dealer or take the issue up with Lexus UK. You bought a car from a dealer, it should be mint.
  10. Yeah, I wouldn't think it would make a huge difference, just curious. I do think it is a great chassis though, going to be putting coilovers on it this year.
  11. Most will say its pointless in a IS300h, but its more curiosity than anything else. Do any of the Is300h or rc300h models come with a limited slip diff?
  12. So, the IS300h is back. Lexus Leeds charged £768 for the head gasket change. Which I think is a more than fair price. Still come away from the experience feeling a bit let down. Since picking the car up I have noticed that there are a few marks over the car that were not there before and the engine bay hasn't been cleaned after the work or left in a very tidy state. I guess you could argue that I paid less for the service due to the problems I had with customer service to start with, but at the end of the day I am still a customer and have paid out a lot of money for a repair that in my eyes i
  13. I'd say you are not going to be able to touch in the small area, so if you are using a bodyshop ask them to get as close a match as they can. Or if you are doing it yourself, you'll need to take the part off anyway, so just take that to a motor factors and get the best match you can.
  14. Bit of a funny one that to be honest. So originally they were rubbish at getting back in touch with me when quoting for parts and service requests. So I left a bad review on Google. The head of service saw this and got in touch. They have agreed to diagnose the issue free of charge as a way to say sorry, they also completed some minor works for free. But now they are charging, but at a very reasonable rate. So as it stands I have authorised for the head gasket to be replaced. I am concerned though that if they find any further damage to the engine, that could push the repairs beyond my budget.
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