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  1. Ok yes it was a Radiator leak and got it repaired at UK TECNIK. git to say very impressed with approach and repair. Cost me just over 550.00 all in. I won't say what Lexus wanted. Not even worth considering. Very impressed with these boys and would highly recomend them as reliable indi.
  2. Ok I've just recently had a key done for my ls450 and it cost me 150.00 He supplied everything inc programming and complete key and 12months warranty Got him from ebay and all I had to do was take car to him swathe working key fob took him 20 mins. If you still not resolved it then let me and dig out number and email
  3. Thanks for Indi list.. I did find another about 12 mls from where I live in Maidenhead Berkshire They are called UK Teknics. Toyota and Lexus specialists. Very helpfulm polite and they have found my Lexus problem.. Its a leaking Radiator. Might be an idea to add this indi on the list. Car will be ready on Thursday so I'll give you feedback. thanks everyone
  4. Thanks all but I know the problem. Found a Lexus indi who was highly recomended in Maidenhead call UK TEKNICS. its a leaking radiator so our vones the wallet. Actually its too bad but I thought best not to get a quote from Reading Lexus
  5. Hi all new to all this so hope I've posted this request in the correct place. I live in Reading Berkshire and own a LS460 SEL 200o with 90k mls. I'm looking for Lexus specialist or indi garage to look after ny car and deal with a current issue. I don't mind travelling a little as long as work is hood and reliable Please help anyone. Thanks in advance
  6. Funny thing is when I rev it then the heat dies kick in abd if I let it idle then it goes again. Also noticed that when on idle and resevour is empty if I take the top off then I can see water coming back in and circulating
  7. I have no idea. But I kerp topping up water on resevoir but don't see any water loss on the ground It has full lexus service history. No rad replacement there. I'm going to need an independent to look after it. I'm in Reading but don't mind travelling for a good indi. Think ill post something on here and see rhe feedback.. thanks
  8. Hi all. New to Lexus world. Just purchased an Ls460 sel 2009 with 90k. Allways had mercy bmw and Audi... God what have been misding??? Anyway one small problem and not the best at rhis time of year. My Lexus yesterday started giving just cold air even with dials on Hot. The day before it did the same but as I built up speed ut became warm. Got home today and did the obvious by checking coolant resevoir and yes it needed topping up bu about a litre or so. Got car ticking over until it reached peak temp. But still only cold air. Drove it down the road and heat returned. Then stopped and heat went down again. Any thoughts on this or even similar experiences or a solution. Thanks in advance everyone. Luis