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  1. either you have an air leak as mentioned before or the tps is out of position making the iddle go high, that happened to me and it was because of the TPS so you could check that out.
  2. so to be short this is the issue that i have since i bought the car, Car start and runs fine, no idle problem whatsoever it doesn't matter if the car is hot or cold it will start right away, but this is the issue, when the car is cold if i floor it will accelerate like a champ no matter the gear or the rpm, but once the car reach its normal operating temperature it would get significantly slower, for example i put 3rd gear and floor it and you can hear and feel the engine playing with the timing and hesitates like if you were pressing and depressing the acc pedal like playing with it, you can hear the sound of the engine changes but the revs hangs like if you were doing nothing, if you push the pedal progressively as you gain revs it will run until about 4.9rpm or maybe a bit more but hangs there with no power like if there was a cut like when you hit the rev limit, but this only happens when hot, if you do the same on cold it's like a rocket no matter the speed of gear, but once its warm you lose like 50% or even more of the power. NO CODES. Temp gauge works perfectly and you can hear the fan kicking when needed so for the fan switch seems to work fine, and if i have the ac on let say i want to overtake in the highway i'm in 6th gear i have to turn off the ac compressor, down shift to 4th or even 3rd gear if im in a low speed and have to floor the car but the revs hangs and the engine jerks a bit and the revs wont past from 5kRpm, is this a bad temp sensor? if so i'm guessing it will be the one on the engine block? since the gauge on the dash works flawless and the fan also works. any other ideas? the car has 372k and did a full cleaning of the engine including adding a injector cleaning and so but this issue only appears when hot. Any ideas will be really appreciated.
  3. Hello again guys so to finish this post i just uploaded a video on youtube with a brief explanation of one of the things ill be doing with the car, please check it out and any idea or request will be greatly welcomed. Thanks for your help, support and future suggestions.
  4. Issue fixed finally, after setting both TPS at the factory location yay Hope if anyone has this issue in the future can use this as a reference.
  5. Sorry to hear that, but first question, did you checked all the seals of the tranny before installing it? Is this a new tranny? How many miles are on it if isn't new? And have you checked underneath of it to see where is coming from, if it from the bell housing or the outup shaft? Im not a Lexus expert nor even a toyota, however I'm a VW/Audi technician so i do have plenty of knowledge and experience but first time Lexus owner with the same car so I'm learning as i go, already dismantled and reassembled the top en of my car several times since i bought it, i also did a pre cat delete my self and i definitely recommend it, it feel and sounds like a hole different car. Check my post if you can l.
  6. New update, did a battery removal again, left it out for 15 mins and reinstalled again, this time when i cycled the key turn it to run position but didn't crank the engine for about 5 mins after that turn it off took the key out and cycled back on this time i did turn over the engine, car starts and now the obd can connect but the iddle its so low that the car after 3 minutes disabled the ETB so now I'm going to take the tb out again to change the position on the TPS which seem to be too low, so i think my remaining issue is that will post in a couple of minutes to see it this was the remaining issue. And the codes that the obd read was only related to the TPS being too low so the engine turn off the ETB to rise the rpm so i think this is the solution, set TPS on factory position.
  7. Stiĺl no luck, i turn the car on, the tb works for a minute but it idle supper low then CEL comes on, track light flashes and then the tb stops working, the idles goes almost to 2k, still no connection with the obd port but it does get energy and the device connects to my phone but it wont connect to the ecu i dont know what more to do, guys really i need help i tried everything cleaned the ecu in depth so after that the car works fine then it does what i mentioned before i have no clue no blown fuses or anything please some help.
  8. So again it fixed the problem for a minute or so at leats this time the tb worked fine but still not connecting to the obd and i dont know why
  9. Same for me plus it was one of my dream cars in terms of the mythical nfs games when we had the first need for speed underground 2 with the is300 and now finally i got it is a 200 but just for now jejejeje but this one is coming with me to the grave.
  10. Nice choice hope you enjoy it, so far im new in the group and people here are kinda shy, they read but barely a couple members answered hope we get more answers from the rest of the forum bc that's the point of being in this club. Again nice ride hope you can enjoy it for long.
  11. Checked all the fuses and all good but the issue was still there, so something told me to check the ecu directly bc of the previous comment just in case to see if there was any problem with the capacitors or something and for my surprise theres oil in the ecu plug so it might have been shorting it out now i will clean it let me show it
  12. Assembled everything and still no luck, however i did notice this when i put the ignition on but dont turn the key over the tb works perfectly but once i turn on the engine it stops working and for some weird reason now my obd wont connect to the ecu so I'm thinking there must be a blown fuse bc all works good until i turn over the key and run the engine and after unplugging the battery the obd doesnt seems to work properly now I'm going to cook but once i finish ill check all the fuses
  13. Any ideas of the tb electric motor being locked?