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  1. My Bluetooth connection to the NXusing an iPhone SE works fine every time. it’s the flipping WiFi never reconnects without adding it every time, and end up with a page full of “iPhone preferred network” grrr
  2. Has anyone else noticed the Lexus link app is terrible at locating your car? Just checked mine out of boredom, according to the app, my car is in motion, which it’s not as it locked in the garage. And, when it does find it at home, it tells me it’s parked 9 doors down from my house! not too important I grant you, but if Lexus offer all this connectivity, it should at least work properly.
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  8. Nope, simply won’t remember the WiFi hotspot on the phone and have to link it every single time. Absolute rubbish, so disappointing
  9. Yes, yes I can Brand new NX 300h premium plus pack, £42,000 retail. Admiral = £850, no ncb, licence only for 6 weeks Lexus = £11,290!!!
  10. Hi Don, Unfortunately, it worked once, but not now, iPhone locked or unlocked, hotspot on, the NX just doesn’t connect unless I add it as a preferred network again. Then I just end up with 5-6 preferred networks, all iPhone!!
  11. Thanks Don, I’ll give it a go
  12. First world problem I know, but...... How do I get the damn car to automatically pick up my iPhone's hotspot and connect when I get in the car? Every time I get in, it's a case of re-establishing the connection, with no way of saving it, or making it a favourite. Not the end of the world, but rather frustrating. Whoops, also, I'm a new member, hello!
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