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  1. meaning? It more a sheen than a matt. Also the bonnet and roof are glossy carbon items
  2. Its mostly engine management new ECUs, followed by autobox locking in low gears and jerky shifts. new steering pump and I kid you not water leaks in boot.
  3. I hope you are having more luck with your M340i than I am with my company one. there hasnt been a month where it hasn't been in the shop. its let me down on the side of the road around 3 times already. Never the same issue. my wifes X3 is equally as unreliable and it was so expensive after the options were added
  4. For those that have the matt paint the accompanying paint care booklet makes it look a daunting task. I am pleased to say that the easiest and best way i have found so far is normal neutral Ph car shampoo with no wax added and well diluted in warm water. and then a water rinse. sponge it dont brush and leather with synthetic cloth.
  5. i have tried searching for a solution to the detune on the 2018 RCF. not sure if the same detune happened LC500 model. Its enfuriating there is no info as to what Lexus have done to the engine or a solution to putting it back.
  6. I have a Fiesta ST Mk8 they seem to have good deals on them. I cant rate it highly enough
  7. With my last company in 2016, I had the pleasure of meeting the F development team at Lexus and the Interiors team a Toyota Boshoku in Japan . I was always impressed by their enthusiasm and knowledge for the subject . At Toyota Boshoku I saw the interior layout of the GSF I liked it so much that when i got back I started looking out for one! Hence buying the one you have now. I found a plate GSF plate online and added it soon after. We had notable times together, I used to drive to Bradford on Avon from london on a Monday to work and then drive back late on a Friday. The journey over Sali
  8. Yeah they seem to have done a good job repairing the body panels after we rolled it on that long Moroccan trip... 😆😆😆 only kidding. It was much loved in my care.
  9. Thats my old one, I had it for a year and unwisely sold in in 2018. looks like its done very little mileage since then.
  10. It also drives differently to my old GSF. I wonder where it is.? About a year into its ownership I changed the reg to L500 GSF anyone seen it? piccie attached with the old plate, i traded the Mercedes in the in background for it
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