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  1. Hi all, So I had an issue with two clips that became brittle under my headlights on the IS. Lexus Parts Direct wanted £198 delivered for the two items. A lot of money and due to them being Lexus ISF specific, hard to find on ebay, etc. So I looked at Nengun who could import them for under £90 all in. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised as delivery took just under two weeks and I wasn't stung with any sort of import charges (I'm assuming they were factored into the delivery cost, similar to RockAuto). They supply both aftermarket and OEM parts and I would suggest a worthwhile website to have saved should you want to find part numbers and prices as they have the technical drawings on their site (at least for the ISF). They also seem to be competitive in their pricing and one of the first places I've found to come in under LPD. Thanks. Rich.
  2. They have a terrible history for bad customer service. Only in recent months did they come under fire for a racist comment made to a customer and one of the owners branded a racist. They seem to be one of those companies that sell good products, but God forbid you have a problem with an item, especially being based across the pond!
  3. The snow setting is a fantastic little addition. I don't rotate tyres mainly as there is very little need to in our household and location in the country, but the times I've had to use the setting on my previous Lexus models (all RWD), it worked very well. I've been fortunate enough to learn and gain experiences in the snow in a few vehicles, and I'd say that if you're planning for many miles in the F, lots of snow and/or the gradient of the roads you use vary, change the tyres as suggested above. You can always store them when you don't need them. There are also some great videos on YouTube about the difference in vehicles with and without snow tyres.
  4. I've always done it and will continue to just through habit. My concern isn't the general public, it has always stemmed from those looking for specific cars/parts to order. I've had plenty of sets of wheels that held a great deal of value, plus expensive modifications. There was a spate of cars being stolen years ago and then broken down for parts, so for my own piece of mind I kept my plates blanked out to prevent anyone in the business, the ability to work out the vehicles location, which isn't a difficult process! Technology has moved on so much there probably isn't a need to do it now, but it makes me happy, takes no time at all and really isn't something I think about.
  5. They're pretty smart. I like them as the quality of the projection is really sharp. I'd buy them. Good work.
  6. I feel a little disappointed with the hype.
  7. Not all of us, oh and have you seen the new Integra....😂
  8. Hello, I need the left and right lower plastic brackets that bolt onto the lights to support the bumper. Thanks. Rich
  9. I would never use WBAC as a gauge of a vehicles price. I went to use them a couple of years ago and almost felt personally attacked when they valued my car at the the time lol.
  10. Yes the corrosion between the transmission cooling lines and the rad itself happens internally. I was told the same by Lexus when I approached them about how I'd diagnose if I needed to replace the rad on my GS. I was told to stick to a 10 year cycle for the rad unless it required it earlier (damage to the outside, etc).
  11. I'm just thankful I own an F car and have experienced one before they ultimately become very expensive to own! There's nothing I'll change my car for, but there are lots of things I can do to it to make it more fun 😈
  12. Hey. No issues with them at all, I've just been 50/50 on if I like the look of them. My ideal headlights would be facelift ones. My Vlands are solid, fit well, don't leak and I like the output, it's just that I'm torn between Vlands or a clean OEM pair.
  13. Great cars the lot of them. Lexus comfort, build and exclusivity, plus enough power on tap to have some fun, the sound of a V8 and the confidence it won't suddenly implode and crave thousands of pounds from your wallet to repair it. As with above there were two deciding factors for us, do we like big grills and how many doors. We went with the IS for the family and it's more than big enough for us. The Range sits on the drive for those days where the IS cannot fit all the luggage of a family on a big adventure, but with a smaller pushchair now little man is 2, the IS has plenty of space for a week or so away for a family.
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