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  1. + + + + + Garmin is probably the best. Lifetime update for several models (we have one that is 7 years old and 10 times better than the built-in Lexus OEM 2021 map we had installed a year or so ago.
  2. Do not forget: Lower electricity price. Here we paid as much for the 2 first months in 2021 as we did for the whole year 2018.
  3. Finally a way to keep an engine sounding like an engine. Some of us veterans liked the sound of the engine.
  4. Too bad that the lamps are still like new. Not good for car makers that there is one less reason to buy a new car. 🤑
  5. New headlamps from quality cars last 10 or more years. The Golf had shiny lights about 10 years. Then they got dim and I had them polished. Lasted a couple of years; very shiny the first couple of months and then they got more and more yellowish. The lamps in the CT are 5 years now and still shining like new, so hope they last longer than in the Golf. Sanding will take the original top coating away and all the lamps I have seen polished shining and looking like new have never lasted very long. The best material to make lamps from is still glass, but for reasons not known to me, no new cars have such good and lasting lamps. Last car we had glass headlamps in was the Smart Roadster Coupé:
  6. Wife is making coffee now. I can smell it. Now you can moan if you cannot.
  7. If a car does not have the snow mode, could it be that the ECO mode will do more or less the same?
  8. This light should light up when starting the car if you have the lamp leveling system installed. Washing system for headlamps shall also be installed. Both things can be installed. It may cost. Will be accepted ? ? ? ? ? ?
  9. Hard to say. Have asked for a loan car twice. Lexus here never had any.
  10. You have never been in Turkey? 7 lane bridge. Morning 5 lanes one way. Evening 5 lanes the other way. First in with wheel in lane has the right to the lane.
  11. Not quite right. I have had new lenses operated in about 20 years ago and now see perfect long distance and can still read without glasses. Getting approval from doctors every 5 years in order to renew driver's license.
  12. Is that part of service? If not: where is the sensor and is it easy to clean? Just got car back from service and new filter is (according to invoice) installed.
  13. hoya en-route lens Interesting. Reduce glare from oncoming cars with a filter is possible, but having a filter extra in order to see more seems not very logic. The more filters the less light coming to your eyes, thus reducing vision. Hoya make great filters for cameras in order to create effects, but beside that never heard of Hoya. Oncoming cars with Xenon and LED can for most be not comfortable and after the popularity of SUVs with high placed lamps are more common. What is shown here is what I would believe can be called marketing bull****. Top picture right shows more visibility and same time reducing red (brake?) light from car in front. As lenses are not prescription, they should be possible to buy on-line, but have found no place selling the en-route lenses. With regard to adding LED to a car that has not LED from factory many have answered that before: not recommended. The CT models with LED light have fantastic light so I believe yours is with halogen. That correct adjusted lamps are not blinding does not make installing LED in a car that does not have LED from factory legal. That the laws not always are logically made changes nothing.
  14. We have between 35 and 40 mpg. Temperature here is mostly above 25° C often 30° C or more and right now when it is cold 20° C - 25° C. Lexus here tells the consume is normal. Mountains cost fuel going up and when going down battery is full immediately and the rest of the way down the energy that could have been put into a battery is just waisted - battery is full. Comparing to other cars comfortable as this, it is more than excellent. 45 mpg is excellent for the comfort the CT give us and above 50. Never had a car consuming so little. Once VW had a diesel car they claimed could consume as little as 3 litres/100km - 94 mpg UK - 78 mpg US. That was with special narrow tyres, one person in car, driven by an expert. Was working in a company selling cruise controls and we installed a lot cruise controls in the Lupos. All owners said they were great in consume, not as claimed from factory though. They were bringing people from one place to another; nobody I talked with, who owned the car, found the it comfortable. I only tried a few of them to control that the cruise control did function OK. Was not impressed. The CT is great and if it gives you more than 40 mpg, I doubt you can find another car as comfortable and reliable that will consume less. Next tires for us will be Michelin Primacy summer tyres. Only thing not super positive is the price.
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