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  1. The longer the wheels come outwards, the harder the wheel bearings will become loaded. On front wheels, stearing will become different too.
  2. Downloaded OK. Unzipped OK. WIN-RAR pro is great. Lots of files and some of them have links in them. Links that does not function. Other files open Firefox and show how to repair something, but with 146 files to open in just one of the registers it can take a while to find what is looked for. Looked at the how to use the manual and some links did function leading to other links where some of them did not function and others to me to more links. It has a lot of info in it, but searching in it is a bit of a jungle. On the other hand, I am not at all looking for anything
  3. I have no idea. One guy at Lexus told me it is a luxury. Another that it is a Sport. They know about Toyota (maybe) but it seems not about Lexus. No problem for me though. Car is great. We all are happy with it.
  4. If a plug-in means heavy battery it also means less km/L m/g. Maybe Li-Ion battery or something else more efficient could hold weight down and still give larger capacity comes around. But as it is now plug-in is only good for people with charge station home and electricity is not pollution free as it is now. Hybrid is what I think is best so far.
  5. Our CT is not F-Sport (no black trim and no F-Sport grill) but has Mark Levinson audio, LED with washer, leather seats automatic adjusting for 3 persons, sunroof, 13MM navigation, funny mouse comand to screen, rain sensor for windshield wipers, funny sounds when getting close to someting with both front and rear of car and 17" wheels, automatic dimming rear view mirror. Have probably forgotten something and maybe not know what else is in the car. Only thing we have added is Llumar UV protective film on all windows (including sunroof), film is fully transparent on front doors and 40% less light
  6. 10 years for a battery. Fantastic. If this is what the original batteries can last, we will not need a new till October 2026. Never had a battery lasting that long. On the other side only had one car for such a long time. Only remember having bought 2 batteries for cars and that is out of having had more than 20.
  7. The sure is great, but, would 835 watts power use not drain the battery faster than the engine can supply it? I rarely have it above level 30.
  8. That is the right spirit. Enjoy the car. Lexus make premium quality.
  9. Cassettes are OK. Still have a lot of them. With good quality cassettes the doubling of magnetic errors is even on 35-year-old cassettes hardly notiseable. Worst was the salad:
  10. Not correct. I never won anything in it (tried only twice) so it was doomed. I will never be Carlos, Sébastien or Ulli.
  11. Absolutely. Music is the key. Not really loud, but good. My wife did not like the EVO2. Was only in it once.
  12. When alone in the car I listen to loud music, and when suddenly braking hard the brakes make different noise than non-hybrids, but when driving normal it is a very quiet car. Less noise than a MB 300SEL 6.3 and less noise than a MB 350SE. Not to mention a Lancia Delta EVO2.
  13. My wife once sat on the spoiler of our MR2 first generation to get it up in the garage. Neighbour was hopefully not looking. You have a cassette player in the beautiful car Richard? Once had a Nakamichi in our Nissan 300ZX. Funny thing: no reverse - to listen to side B the cassette needed to be turned around.
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