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  1. Hi, Yesterday I was driving my car for most of the day and the steering became quite stiff again with the car pulling to the left. At the end of the day my right arm has started aching again due to holding the steering to the right most of the time. So I've had no choice but to book the car in at Lexus Edgware Road and their earliest appointment is the 8th December. They said that they will need the car for the whole day to fully investigate the problem and are charging me £186 + £15 for the loan car. Not much else I can do really, I will be taking the above TSB posted by Steve above, as I feel the symptoms of the TSB is very similar to what I am experiencing. Cheers.
  2. Hi John, Ok right I didnt know that only techstream can do the calibration. They are a 3rd party garage, so they wouldnt have such a device, just a general one for all makes of vehicles. I suppose I will have to drive the car as it is for the moment then.
  3. Just back from the garage. They connected a computer reader to the car, no error messages, no section for steering calibration, so they didnt do much.
  4. Hi John, Just been on the phone to the garage who did the wheel alignment and they have contacted the wheel alignment company (Supertracker) regarding resetting the Steering ECU. They said the only time the reset would be needed if a light comes on the dashboard or if one of the axle sensors moves out of place and needs adjusting which would bring up a warning light on the dash. They also mentioned that they are still waiting to hear back from lexus who they also called. I will be going to the garage at 2.30pm this afternoon anyway to speak to the technician who did the tracking. I will get back to you after my visit.
  5. Yes that makes sense, thank you. My only concern now is, the car is driving almost perfectly now but I still feel the steering is not completely back to normal and can be improved, as when i turn to the right and hold there still feels like there is too much pressure going to the left of the steering. But I'm worried that they might make things worse. I still haven't heard back from the alignment garage who said they were going to contact Lexus about resetting the Steering ECU. I will call them back before end of business if I dont hear anything. Thanks again John.
  6. Hi John, thanks for the reply and for your helpful advice. I have an appointment tomorrow with a local garage who did the wheel alignment on my car using a Supertracker machine, which seemed to be very good and more accurate than the Hunter machines. I rang them this morning and told them about calibrating/resetting the Steering ECU. They told me that they are going to ring Lexus and get back to me. The steering is much better now though and isnt hurting my arm when steering, thats how stiff it was before to cause such aching in the arm. As soon as I get any developments I will get back to you. Cheers.
  7. Morning, Well as of the past few days, my steering has become much lighter to turn as if its almost back to normal, it seems that the Steering ECU may have auto-calibrated itself maybe?? Would it do that?
  8. Hi John, thanks for your reply. When i took the car to Lexus Hatfield to do the wheel alignment, they did mention that the Steering Wheel Sensor software had been updated? Is this the same as calibrating the electric power steering rack/ECU? I would of thought that Lexus would of done this after i went back their four times. Cheers
  9. Now this is interesting! Mines a 2014 so only a year out! I went back to the place that did my tracking 6 times. When they originally tracked the car before any adjustments, the rear right tyre was out, so they adjusted that and they said it would knock the front left out so they adjust that too. When I drove out of the garage, I started to get a slight pull to the left but the steering was ok not stiff. Over time the steering has started to become stiffer. So i went to Lexus Hatfield and they tracked it, and the wheels were a bit out still even after I tracked it orginally, so they made more adjustments, but it took them 4 times to do it as my steering wheel was off centre. But i still wasnt happy and Lexus Hatfield gave up in the end and refunded me. So now I'm here for help as my IS300h tracking/steering is buggered and car pulls to the left. The car was fine before I got it tracked drove straight, but after straightening all the wheels on a Hunter machine originally then going to Lexus Hatfield, the wheel alignment has been messed up, but all 4 wheels are straight. It feels like something is knocking the alignment out on the left side, hence the pull. I'm a bit stuck with a sore right arm from holding the wheel to the right all the time. 😞
  10. Hi Herbs, thanks for your reply. That is strange that I'm not getting at least a warning on the dash if there is a problem, with every other car I've had if there is a problem I would usually get a warning light on the dash. I will have to check this out then. Cheers.
  11. Hi, thanks for the reply. I rang Lexus UK and they said that there isnt any recalls at all on the car.
  12. Hi , thanks for the reply. I've got no warnings at all on the dash. The strange thing is that after driving the car throughout the day, suddenly the steering can easy up a bit, maybe once the tyres have warmed up it eases up but not always, but its still not the same as before. I use to be able to steer with two fingers, but I have to proper grip the wheel now with my whole hand and hold on firmly. Its maybe like the power steering is cutting out, I'm not sure whats going on tbh.
  13. Hi all, only just joined the forums. RE: IS300h 64 plate 42k miles. On 22/9/20 I changed my two front tyres to Michelin Pilot Sports 225/45/17 91Y (the same tyre I had on the fronts before) and got the wheel alignment done, everything seemed ok, but my steering has become stiffer when turning the wheel, especially when I turn to the right and hold. Its got so stiff that my right upper arm is aching from turning the wheel. I've done a bit of research on the forums and I havent been able to find anyone with similar symtpon's. I read something about the TSB on the steering and a possible hydraulic software which controls the gears in the steering, but I'm not that clued up on what the problem could be. Can anyone help me out on why the steering has become so stiff suddenly? The steering use to be so easy to maneuver before this problem started. Thanks in advance.