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  1. Seem to be having trouble uploading pics of inside will keep trying
  2. Thanks guys that's been a great help. I will order one.
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome everybody. Perhaps you can help me. Is the drinks holder next to the drive selector, supposed to have a little insert to keep the cups steady as I don't seem to have one. And is there a good place to find parts? Thanks guys
  4. Not got interior pics I will take some and post for you, will be tomorrow tho it's late,. Cheers for now buddy
  5. Thanks, not a day goes by without me thinking about that car. As to the new one, I know its the base spec but it is really nice, I'd have loved a sel or se, but the price and the mileage on the new one were good. And the interior is showroom clean. So I had to buy it. You drive a 350h? I bet that is lovely, they were a bit above my budget.
  6. Hi every body, just got myself a 2006 gs300, it's the basic model with no leather seats and heated seats, and the base stereo. But it has only done 30k and its lovely. This is not my first lexus. My love affair began when about 12 years ago I bought a 1997 mark one gs sport version. 2000 pounds with 68000 on the clock. It never broke down and the engine was sweet. Quite frankly it was bullet proof. That was until a local garage drove it of a ramp into another car at full pelt. Sad day, very sad. I don't use that garage any more. I still mourn the loss of that car. I got this new one(fourteen years old and barely a blemish on it) and couldn't be happier. Hope to have this one for many years. I don't but these cars for the power, tho they are nippy. My aim is to be comfortable. And comfy it is. I don't know what else to say except I always feel happy and a little bit special when I am in my lexus.