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  1. So this report from Canada said with -8C temp, the battery range dropped down to 50km (30miles) from 67km (42miles), so yes it will drop - still relatively usable for the about town run around.
  2. I suspect it will be much closer to the listed range. The Rav4 Prime from real world experience according to car magazine and user reports on reddit indicate it actually gets close to its listed 42mile range and exceeds it in some cases. The NX450h+ is carrying a bit more weight which is likely why the listed battery range is 36 miles. Based on the above, 36 miles should be 36 and not substantially lower. They would be silly not to have the base NX 350h coming under the luxury tax threshold at 40k.
  3. Lexus US published the 0-60 times as part of their press pack NX 450h+: 6.0 seconds NX 350: 6.8 seconds NX 350h: 7.2 seconds NX 250 FWD: 8.2 seconds NX 250 AWD: 8.6 seconds
  4. Carwow seems to think we're only getting the hybrids in the UK, that's the NX350h and NX450h+ (phev) Won't be getting the NX250 or NX350 (turbo charged inline 4s) There are 9.8" and 14" infotainment screen options. And lexus uk say 450h availabile from September and 350h from October 2021
  5. I'd like to see how responsive the touch screen is in real life Also noted: load seat/wheel settings from the specific mobile device (and slide out wireless charging tray) volume control dial. wireless Carplay and Android Auto. Separate front and rear blinds for the panoramic roof
  6. Seems like a large risk to take with large objects atop a large piece of glass. Perhaps worth trying to track down an example with just the sunroof fitted?
  7. This should cover it (this is the pre facelift) NX_BROCHURE_UK_2017.pdf
  8. The Premium Pack does not equal the Takumi (or previously called Premier) pack. The Takumi pack effectively gets the F-Sport close (but not exactly matching) the top spec Takumi (previously Premier)
  9. The easiest way to tell on the listings if a facelifted F-Sport has a Premier/Takumi pack is to: 1. Check if there's a HUD listed 2. Mode select dial has Sport + 3. 360 panoramic camera is shown. 4. Usually the alloy wheels are changed as well from the standard F-Sport, though this isn't always the case. These are the most visible of the items
  10. I'm not sure what the impact will be - but if you don't need it immediately, the launch of the next generation NX is a few weeks away. There's the potential there to depress pricing on the older models. I'd think the first one with the higher mileage will depend how long you intend to keep it and pass on. If you're intending to keep for a while, then you will probably get away with it, but if selling in a few years might be more difficult. The Relax warranty assuming you service with Lexus will cover you up to 100k miles and then you're adrift. There was another F-Sport
  11. Must say, the L E X U S across the boot instead of the badge is a bit... odd and a change from the leaked video
  12. I seem to recall that the kick sensor was not made part of the european spec for the NX - but is available in say the US. Given the that the TPMS sensor can be added in via 3rd party parts, you could probably do it as well...
  13. I think I had saw anecdotally that it could be caused by the rear number plate not being secured properly.
  14. It can be done - but not officially see the thread below onwards. Seems a relatively simple thing to do It appears the part is not part of the UK spec, but is elsewhere.
  15. Thanks. Given my S20+ isn't much smaller (and with case on), it's probably not going to jam in there either.
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